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Stadler Form Albert Home Dehumidifier
Stadler Form Albert Home Dehumidifier
  • Stadler Form Albert Home Dehumidifier
  • Stadler Form Albert Home Dehumidifier
  • Stadler Form Albert Home DehumidifierPlay
  • Stadler Form Albert Home Dehumidifier
  • Stadler Form Albert Home Dehumidifier
  • Stadler Form Albert Home Dehumidifier

Stadler Form Stadler Form Albert Home Dehumidifier


Meet Albert, he is our most powerful home dehumidifier and comes directly from Stadler Form, those Swiss masters of beautifully designed and hugely reliable designer home products.

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  • Integrated Digital Hygrometer
  • Full 24h timer
  • Automatic Swinging Louvre (Ideal for Laundry Drying )
  • Super Silent Night mode
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Hose supplied for constant drainage
  • Automatic Defrost 
  • 3 speed levels
  • Sound level: 33-44 dB
  • Dimensions: 350 x 655 x 252 mm
  • Weight: 15.6 kg

Powerful Moisture Extraction with 50% Lower Energy Costs
The Stadler Form Albert home dehumidifier is the most powerful home dehumidifier we stock. Albert can remove up to a massive 20 litres of excess moisture from your home in 24hrs and is the sensible choice for removing condensation, black mould and excess moisture in larger properties with up to 6 bedrooms. The Albert dehumidifier achieves all of this with running costs over 50% lower than most other similar powered dehumidifiers.

Timeless Swiss Styling
Stadler Form are famed for their award winning designs and designer Matti Walker has received great recognition for his work in creating The Albert dehumidifier and its little brother, the aptly named  'Albert Little'. Smooth lines, simple uncluttered controls and a solid build quality all add up to a really superior dehumidifier. But there is so much more the this dehumidifier than just good looks.

Not Just A Pretty Face   
Albert is not all about design and good looks however. The most important thing about any home dehumidifier is its ability to remove excess moisture and control mould, dampness and condensation throughout your home. Leave Albert on in a central point in your home and he will control the humidity levels automatically to maintain a fresh , healthy atmosphere through the whole house with virtually no input required from you other than occasionally emptying the water tank. Even this aspect has been thought out better than most other dehumidifier brands.  Albert has a 4.6 litre water tank as opposed to the usual 1.5 litre tank found on most comparable machines. That means the water tank will need to be emptied around three times less frequently than other dehumidfiers!
Unique Fully Programmable Digital Hygrostat.
One of the most frequent questions we get asked is how flexible are the humidity settings. Many dehumidifiers only have 2 or 3 pre-set humidity levels for you to choose from. However if you are protecting fine wines, priceless parchments or even classic cars or a grand piano, you may want to set a very precise humidity level which is outside those normal 2 or 3 pre-set ones. The Albert dehumidifier has an infinitely adjustable humidity setting allowing you complete control. Just simply turn the control to the number you want and thge machine will do the rest automatically, switching itself on and off as required to maintain the moisture levels just perfectly.

Unique 'Two Way' Fully Programmable 24Hr Timer.
Ok, lots of dehumidifiers have built in timers, but virtually all of them are simple 'One Way'  timers. That the means the only timer settings they have are for you tell the unit when you want it to turn itself off ( usually after 2,4 or 8 hours ) however they do not have the ability to tell the unit to automatically turn itself back on again at a pre-set time.

But fear not, the unique Two Way Timer  in the Albert dehumidifier actually allows you to set both an 'on' AND an 'off'  time. Furthermore these times are not restricted to the usual 2,4 or 8 hour options, with Albert you can choose the exact time of day you want him to come on and off again.

Night Mode
If you plan to use a dehumidifier near the bedroom, then you will want it to be as quiet as possible. Albert has a specific 'Night Mode' which does two things with the press of one button.  Pressing the Night Mode button simultaneously dims the digital display and also turns the fan on to its quietest setting therefore meaning a good nights sleep is still possible whilst Albert is working away for you.

Best in Class Sound Levels
Stadler Form have ensured that the build quality and materials used in manufacturing the Albert dehumidifier combine to give it best in class sound levels of 33-44dB, meaning on its lowest setting it is whisper quiet and is easily the quietest dehumidifier we have.

'Invisible' Wheels for Easy Transportation
As with all Stadler Form designs, the quality is often most evident in the attention to detail. The Albert dehumidifier has a set of easy glide castors fitted on the underside helping to make moving him around a breeze. But true to form, Stadler Form did not want the look of the dehumidifier to be spoiled by this. Therefore it was decided the castors should be hidden underneath the machine  and protected by a low 'skirt' around the bottom. The end result is 'invisible' castors and we at Breathing Space think it is a real piece of ingenuity.

Auto Shut of and Permanent Drainage
When Alberts internal water tank is full there is no need to worry, he will switch himself off and alert you via the digital display that you need to empty his tank. The emptying process takes seconds and no tools are required. Simply slide out the water tank and pour the collected moisture down a sink or use it for your plants. Then simply slide the tank back into place and he is ready to go all over again. Alternatively, you can attach one end of the provided 'constant drainage hose' to Albert and point the other end down the sink or into a drain and he will drain permanently with no further input required from you. This is an ideal feature to use if you are going on holiday and want Albert to continue working whilst you are away.

Breathing Space Summary
All in all, although it is not cheap, the Stadler Form Albert is easily our favourite home dehumidifier. There are dehumidifiers which will do a similar job in removing condensation, mould and dampness from a large property, but none of them will do it with such style and attention to detail. The two year warranty provided by Stadler Form also shows a true commitent to their brand's reliability, and that is something that is sadly lacking in some of the other premium brand dehumidifiers we have come across.

Albert is currently in stock and available for free next working day delivery throughout the UK.

Power: 340W max.
Up to 20l per day dehumidification
4.6 liter water tank
Room size: up to 60m2
Digital hygrostat integrated
Full 24h timer
Swing mode
Night mode
Wheels for easy transportation
Automatic shut-off
Hose supplied for constant drainage
Defrost sensor and function
3 speed levels
Sound level: 33-44 dB
Dimensions: 350 x 655 x 252 mm
Weight: 15.6 kg

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I would highly recommend this product Albert. Excellent service and delivery.

Katarina | Write a Review ›

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