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What is the best air purifier for getting rid of tobacco smoke?

You should choose a hepa type air purifier, but it MUST also have a carbon filter.

Carbon is the only thing that will adsorb the smell of the tobacco. As a general rule the more carbon in the filter the better the tobacco smoke removal.
If you want genuinely unbeatable tobacco smoke removal, then the BlueAir Smokestop models are the ultimate machine. The Blueair smokestop has almost a Kilo of carbon in the filter - vastly more than any other unit we have and when added to the Hepasilent Technology and superior CADR ( clean air delivery rates ) they deliver, it is easy to see why Blueair are regarded as the best Hepa air purifiers money can buy.

As a less expensive alternative, also consider the Bionaire BAP9240 for smaller rooms or the BAP1700 Smokestop , both of which offer great value for money. For more detailed information visit our Air Purifiers For Smoke and Odour removal section.

I suffer from Asthma, which unit would suit me best?

Over 5.4 Million people in the UK suffer from Asthma, 1.1 million of those are children. In fact more children suffer from asthma in the UK than in any other country on the globe. There are various particles that can trigger an asthma attack, and most of these can be filtered out quite easily with a good Hepa filter. However if you want the best possible chance of destroying ALL the allergy triggers then an Airfree air steriliser  will almost always be the best choice. Click here to visit our Air Purifiers for Asthma section which will quickly point you to the best units for Asthma.

Which air purifier will work best for me?

A well chosen Air Purifier will filter out everything from basic allergens to tobacco smoke , viruses and even chemical VOC's ( volatile organic compounds - ie. the glue found in many new carpets etc).

However, different units work better on different issues, for instance one purifier might be the best in the world for destroying viruses, but be fairly ineffective against tobacco smoke. Another may offer fantastic respite for asthma sufferers, but be virtually negligent in the  removal of odours.

We answer all those queries and more in our air purifiers guide below. But of course you can always just pick up the phone and ask the question if you want to get it right in double quick time!

View Our Air Purifier Guide


Help! I am allergic to my pet.

Pet dander from Cats, Dogs and Birds can be a real nuisance.  A decent air purifier can filter out over 99% of these pet dander allergens and make the air in the room virtually allergen free. You obviously do not want to get rid of your pet, so investing in a powerful purifier capable of recirculating the air as quickly as possible is the next best thing!

Purifiers with cleanable Hepa filters can be a wise choice for Bird Dander
Of course the trouble with bird dander in particular is that it is a very large particle and therefore clogs up the filter in most machines very quickly. Replacement Hepa filters can be fairly expensive and for that reason, when dealing with pet dander it is wise to opt for an air purifier with a 'Lifetime Hepa'. Lifetime Hepa filters are unique in that they can be gently hoovered out and used again and again saving you a fortune in replacement costs over the years.

All the air purifiers in our Air Purifiers for Pet Dander section have been carefully preselected and encompass all the requirements that make an effective pet dander air purifier.

Or just pick up the phone
You can always pick up the phone and give us a call if you would like to talk it through with a human, we do love to talk to our customers after all.


Should I choose a purifier with the British Allergy Seal of Approval?

Not always.
The British Allergy Seal of Approval is actually a paid for endorsement that many high street brands rely upon to add an instant credence to their products.
It can be used a general guide that the product uses a filter that will remove allergens etc and therefore could be beneficial for an allergy sufferer. But that itself is no guarantee that the air purifier itself is particularly effective.

Some of the world's best air purifier manufacturers choose not to subscribe.
Many of the world's more professional air purifier brands do not recognise the Seal of Approval as a true testing authority. Manufacturers like Airfree and Blueair for instance already have a host of more significant independent (not paid for) awards and accolades for their equipment from universities, laboratories and testing houses across the world. This type of certification is a much clearer indication that the product you are considering has been proven to genuinely relieve peoples allergy symptoms in real life situations.

In summary
Just because a product has the British Allergy seal of Approval does not necessarily mean that it is any better than any other. The best indicators are  genuine independent test results. That does not mean that units with the seal of approval are not good machines, some are very good indeed. But it is definitely not the only indicator you should use when making your decision.       


Why should I consider an air purification system?

Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental risks to public health, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Lung-damaging indoor pollutants may include house dust, pollen and pet dander particles, and tobacco smoke, fumes released by chemical-based cleaners or gases produced by synthetic building materials. While air purification cannot solve all indoor air pollution problems, the technique is an important part of the EPA's recommended strategy for improving indoor air quality.

Contemporary construction methods help seal fumes and particles indoors. According to the EPA, indoor pollution levels may build until they are between two and five times higher than outdoor levels – and may even be as much as 100 times higher. Because we spend as much as 90% of our time inside our homes and workplaces, the health risks from exposure to indoor air pollution cannot be ignored.

Immediate health effects may include headache, fatigue, and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. Even if you experience no noticeable symptoms of pollution-related illness, the EPA says it is prudent to improve the quality of your indoor air. Long-term exposure may contribute to respiratory and heart diseases, allergies or asthma, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

To improve indoor air quality, the EPA recommends removal of the pollutant source, increased ventilation, and air cleaning. The first two strategies are effective for some pollutants under some circumstances. Air purification, in conjunction with either strategy or on its own, may be the easiest to live with.

Blueair systems remove 99.97% of the tiniest (0.1 micron) particles that accumulate inside our homes when operating on level one. These pollutants can affect anyone over time, although children, the elderly and those with respiratory illness (including allergies and asthma) may suffer most from high indoor pollution levels.

While air purification cannot solve all indoor air quality problems, the technique is an important part of the EPA's recommended strategy for improving indoor air quality.

What Does CADR Mean?

What does CADR mean and why does it matter?

The Clean Air Delivery Rate, or CADR, on a box can tell a consumer how efficient air purifiers are at removing a certain contaminant from the indoors. The three pollutants that are measured are pollen, smoke and dust. These three pollutants are the most common ones found in the home's indoor air. By comparing the CADR numbers of each air cleaner, a consumer is able to determine which unit would be the most effective for the room he or she is concentrating on. The CADR tells how effective the air purifier will be at removing the pollutant from the room. With the help of the AHAM seal, consumers can concentrate on how the air purifiers will perform in a real-life setting inside their home. The consumer does not have to examine and compare which type of technology or filtering system he or she may need but only how effective the air cleaner may be according to the CADR's.

By separating the three contaminants and making three different CADR's for each pollutant, the AHAM has helped consumers to make the decision between home air purifiers. If one air purifier has a high pollen rating, a consumer who may have pollen allergies will be more prone to choosing that purifier for his or her home. A home air cleaner may have a high CADR when it comes to tobacco smoke so a homeowner that lives with residents who smoke cigarettes inside may choose that air purifier for his or her needs.

The room size rating that is calculated by the AHAM and is printed on the seal is also helpful for consumers when choosing home air purifiers. The room size rating that is given to each air purifier is based on the ability for it to remove 80% of smoke particles in a room. The rate assumes that the air moves through the room with one air change per hour and complete mixing inside the room.
Excerpt above by ClearFlite Air Purifiers writer Kelly K.

The test method used to establish CADR values is recognized as an American National Standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in its Air Cleaner Energy Star Program. To ensure test results are accurrate and impartial, CADR testing is performed by an independent industry organization, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

While some manufacturers do not submit their air purification systems for independent AHAM testing, we believe that CADR results should be central to your decision-making process. An air purification system is an important investment in your family's health and well-being. We urge you to compare CADR results for the air purification systems that you consider.

How do I make a fair comparison of air purifier systems?

When the particle size and filter efficiency of any two air cleaners are the same (as they often are), the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is  key to choosing the more effective system. CADR test results are expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM), with a number rating for three "yardstick" pollutants: tobacco smoke, dust and pollen. The higher the CADR test numbers, the better the overall ability of the unit to clean your indoor air. CADR results reflect:

- the size of the particle removed
- what percentages of particles are removed
- the volume of air actually moving through the system

Air volume is often described as air exchange (the number of times the total volume of air in the room is processed by the unit within a given period of time). Some manufacturers substitute air exchange rates for CADR results, but they are not equivalent. CADR numbers give a much more precise report of an air purifier's performance.

CADR works the same way, rating not just how much air is cleaned nor just what percentages of particles are removed, but the overall performance of the filtration system when both factors are examined.

Let's say that both Air Purifier 1 and Air Purifier 2 have a filter efficiency of 99.97% for particles that are 0.1 micron in size. The difference between the two units is the amount of air filtered through the unit (airflow air exchange rate). Air Purifier 1 provides an air exchange rate of 3 per hour, which means that the entire volume of air in the space is filtered through the unit three times per hour. Air Purifier 2 provides an air exchange rate of 5 per hour, filtering the air in the space five times per hour. Air Purifier 2 is better than Air Purifier 1; it has the same filter efficiency but filters the air in the room more frequently. Like CADR, this is based on both filter efficiency and the amount of air filtered.

An air purifier can have lower filter efficiency and higher air exchange rate than another air purifier, yet still deliver a better Clean Air Delivery Rate. That is why using CADR to compare air purifiers is the best way to find the best air purifier for you.

How small is a micron, and why does it matter?

One micron is 1/1000 mm (1/25,000 of an inch). Airborne particles are usually described in microns. Generally speaking, the human eye can see debris and dust that are approximately 25 microns in size.

To understand just how small this is, consider that a single hair from your head averages about 70 microns in diameter or 30 times larger than the largest fine particle. The size of a given particle helps to determine the degree of potential threat to human health.

Particles ranging from 0.3 to 0.9 micron present the greatest health concern because they are small enough to get past the tiny hairs that line our breathing passages and are too large to be easily exhaled. These irritating mid-range particles include house and textile dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites and their feces, many bacteria, auto exhaust, mold spores, and particles from laser printers and copiers.

0.1 to 0.3 micron = Dust mites and allergens
0.3 to 1 micron = Tobacco smoke, metallic fumes and bacteria such as staphylococcus
1 to 5 micr>5 to 10 micr>10 micr>
Because mid-range particles are more likely to become lodged in lung tissue, they are suspect in a wide range of health problems related to indoor air pollution, from headaches and dizziness to cardiovascular disease and cancer. In particular, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and dust mite particles are known to trigger asthma episodes and allergy attacks.

While smaller particles (0.1 to 0.3 micron) can be inhaled and exhaled more easily than mid-range particles, even these minute particles may irritate breathing passages and lungs. Smaller particle filtration is particularly beneficial to people living with allergies, asthma, other respiratory conditions, or cardiovascular disease.

Do you have any testimonials on your products?

Yes, we do! We take great pride in our customer service so please feel free to let us know how we fared with your order , good or bad, we want to know.
Click below to view all our recent feedback.

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Air Purifier FAQ's


How loud is a decibel?

Or why not do it the old fashioned way and actually talk to us!
Even with our best intentioned guides, there is still no substitute for actually discussing your options with another human being, so why not pick up the phone and call us on 01207 507444 we love to talk to our customers!

All about Ionisers

Click to read our Ioniser (Ionizer) information guide. This will tell you everything you need to know and help you decide if an Ioniser is suitable for your particular needs.

All About Ionisers

Air Conditioning Guides

Dehumidifier Guides

How to choose your dehumidifier

Frequently asked questions about dehumidifiers
Of course, even with our best intentioned guides, there is still no substitute for actually discussing your options with another human being, so why not pick up the phone and call us on 01207 507444 we love to talk to our customers!

Blueair FAQ

How often should I change the filter in my Blueair unit?

In order to maintain the high performance level you expect from Blueair, we recommend filter replacement at a four-, six- or 12-month interval, depending on the model.

Why so often? The amount and type of indoor air pollution can vary dramatically from environment to environment. Some manufacturers claim an exceptionally long filter life for their units – some as long as 5 years! At Blueair, we tell you how often filters need to be changed in the real world, not under best-case conditions in a laboratory setting.

Clearly, replacing filters every few months increases the maintenance cost of your Blueair system. However, we believe you would rather know up front what it takes to keep your indoor air clean and healthy. Without regular filter replacement, your air cleaner is operating at only a small percentage of optimum performance.

To make maintenance as easy as possible, Blueair offers a convenient Filter Subscription Program in some countries that automatically delivers your replacement filter kit at the recommended replacement intervals.

If you'd rather keep track of filter replacement yourself, you may obtain filters from your Blueair dealer, retailer or order directly from Blueair. With regular filter replacement, you are assured best of class performance for the life of the system.

What type of Blueair filter do I need?

Choose a filter type based on the kinds of pollutants (particles and gases) that may be present in your particular environment. Blueair's standard HEPASilent™ filter is a Particle Filter that provides efficient filtration for environments where particles are the primary concern and gases are secondary. For any environment in which removing gaseous pollutants (including tobacco smoke) is a priority, we recommend the optional SmokeStop filter.

All Blueair systems incorporate patented HEPASilent™ technology, which combines mechanical and electrostatic filtration methods to capture 99.97% of the tiniest 0.1 micron particles and gases.

Blueair systems remove more of the smallest particles, compared to the HEPA systems of other manufacturers. They remove more dust than competitive units. Our standard filters are suitable not only for average homes with family members in good overall health, but also for families who need an extra level of protection for the elderly, small children or those with respiratory or cardiovascular illness.

Blueair's optional SmokeStop filter adds more gas adsorption capability and is recommended for removal of tobacco smoke, and for environments like workshops or workplaces where chemical fumes and gases are present.

For people with chemical sensitivities, and those whose asthma or allergies are provoked by strong odors and fumes, the SmokeStop filter provides an even higher level of protection.

Blueair units are also helpful in fighting the effects of smoke from forest fires.

 How does HEPASilent™ technology achieve such high levels of filtration?

Most HEPA filter systems use only mechanical filtration, which as a standard, remove 99.97% of particles at 0.3 micron. Blueair's patented HEPASilent™ filter technology combines mechanical and active electrostatic filtration methods, in order to achieve higher efficiency and capture smaller particles than either mechanical or electrostatic filtration alone.

Mechanical filtration essentially strains out or intercepts mid-range particles (0.3 to 0.9 micron) in much the same way as a colander strains pasta. And just as tiny bits of pasta escape through the holes in a colander, the tiniest particles can float past the filter media and escape an air purification system.

Particles that mechanical filtration alone might miss are captured by the electrostatic component of Blueair's HEPASilent™ system. HEPASilent technology filters out 99.97% of particles at 0.1 micron, when operating at its lowest speed.

Our system moves all particles through a sealed ion chamber, where they collide with negative ions and pick up a very slight electrical charge. As they exit the ion chamber, particles are attracted to the positively charged pleats of the HEPASilent™ filter media. Rather than floating past the filter media, particles are captured and removed from your indoor air.

Most electrostatic systems charge the fibers of the filter media itself, rather than the particles. The charge naturally dissipates over time and renders the filter media less efficient. By constantly charging incoming particles, instead of the filter fibers, HEPASilent™ technology keeps on working effectively and reliably.

Ionization does produce trace amounts of ozone, a gas known to irritate compromised lung tissue. Blueair systems use a very low electrical current to minimize ozone production and a sealed steel housing surrounding the ionization chamber to keep ozone contained. For more protection, our activated carbon filter adsorbs any ozone particles that may escape from the encapsulated ionization chamber.

In fact, testing shows that the ozone concentration in our system's output air is actually lower than in the incoming air. Blueair's electrostatic system is no threat to health, even for those with respiratory illness.

 Can Blueair systems remove indoor gases?
 Yes. The Blueair air purification system can remove gases and fumes such as tobacco smoke, auto exhaust, chemical fumes, smoke from forest fires and gases released by synthetic building materials.
The standard HEPASilent™ filter is made of polypropylene, which help mechanically filter out airborne particles. To maximize filter effectiveness, particles are negatively charged by the Blueair unit before reaching the filters.

The optional SmokeStop filter uses activated carbon media to trap gases and odors. We recommend the enhanced SmokeStop filter for removing tobacco smoke and for any indoor environment where gaseous pollutants are present. Such environments might include work or hobby rooms (where strong glues and paints are used) and kitchens.

How do gases find their way indoors? The use of chemical-based household and personal cleaners, indoor pesticides, and aerosols of all kinds has dramatically increased our exposure to gaseous pollutants, which often linger inside today's tightly sealed, energy-efficient homes.

Other gases may be introduced into your indoor environment when the plastics, binders and glues in synthetic building materials, carpets and furnishings release particles into the air in a process called outgassing. Combustible gases from heating systems may also be present.

Outgassing can be a particular problem with new synthetic carpets and upholstery, paints and interior wall treatments, and even the pressed furniture that is popular today. All may produce noticeably strong odors and correspondingly high levels of gaseous contaminants, which diminish over time. Installing a SmokeStop filter during and after remodeling can temporarily increase your unit's air cleaning power when outgassing is a problem.

These irritating gases may be a factor in a host of illnesses related to indoor air pollution, from respiratory disease to chemical sensitivity. Even strong odors are known to have a significant effect on asthma. Blueair offers two levels of protection from the potential health problems associated with gaseous pollutants.

Standard HEPASilent™ filters incorporate non-toxic polypropylene filter media to trap particles and activated carbon filter media to remove gases. The optional SmokeStop filters offer added gas adsorption capability and are otherwise identical to standard Blueair system filters in terms of particle filtering ability, filter life and size. You simply replace the standard filter with the enhanced SmokeStop.

You can order any Blueair SmokeStop filters directly from this site by clicking here

 Can Blueair systems trap airborne bacteria?
The answer is a qualified "yes." Bacteria and viruses are trapped in Blueair filters.

No air filtration system is 100% effective at removing 100% of all bacteria and viruses. However, Blueair's combination of mechanical and active electrostatic filtration provides exceptionally high levels of protection. Our HEPASilent™ technology traps and removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron.

Airborne bacteria and viruses are a common source of respiratory infection and a particular threat to infants, the elderly and those with compromised immune or cardiovascular systems, including people with allergies, asthma, AIDS and heart disease. Some serious infectious diseases are spread through airborne bacteria or viruses, including whooping cough, meningitis and anthrax.

How large are the bacteria and viruses that threaten human health? According to the Pennsylvania State University Department of Aerobiological Engineering airborne pathogens database, health-threatening bacteria and viruses range in size from .018 micron to as large as 1.325 microns. Airborne pathogens larger than 0.1 micron include:

- Chickenpox virus (Varicella zoster) at 0.12 to 0.2 micron

- Smallpox virus (Poxvirus variola) at 0.14 to 0.3 micron

- Whooping cough bacteria (Bordetella pertussis) at 0.2 to 0.3 micron

- Pneumonia bacteria (Mycoplasma pneumoniae) at 0.2 to 0.3 micron

- Bronchitis bacteria (Chlamydia pneumoniae) at 0.2 to 0.4 micron

- Meningitis bacteria (Haemophilus influenzae) at 0.2 to 0.3 micron

- Tuberculosis bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) at 0.2 to 0.6 micron

- Diphtheria bacteria (Corynebacteria diphtheria) at 0.3 to 0.8 micron

- Scarlet fever bacteria (Streptococcus pyogenes) at 0.6 to 1.0 micron

- Otitis media bacteria (Streptococcus pneumoniae) at 0.8 to 1.0 micron

- Anthrax bacteria (Bacillus anthracis) at 1.0 to 1.25 micron

 Does Blueair's ionization process produce dangerous levels of ozone?
No. The most stringent government standards for indoor ozone are those of the Food and Drug Administration for indoor medical devices, which specify that ozone output be no more than .05 ppm. In a closed test room with the Blueair 501 in operation, probes measured ozone levels at .003 ppm-a tiny fraction of the amount deemed hazardous to human health. Our design safeguards against excessive ozone production, and then removes ambient ozone particles from the air.

Specifically, the Blueair 501 system was subjected to the Ozone Test outlined in section 37 of the Electrostatic Air Cleaner Standard, UL 867. The unit was positioned in the center of a closed 100 square foot room. The unit's ozone output was tested continuously throughout 24 hours of normal operation. The test demonstrates that HEPASilent™ filter technology reduces ozone in a sealed room, despite the trace amounts of ozone produced as a by-product of ionization technology.

For more general FAQ's about air purification visit our help page by clicking here


Which Blueair is best for me?

It's a matter of room size.

Each Blueair model uses HEPASilent™ filtration technology to achieve 99.97% efficiency at 0.1 micron. But filter performance is only part of the picture. Your air purifier must also be able to process the volume of air in the room where it operates. You need only compare the size of your room to the room size capacities listed below.

Our room size recommendations are based on testing by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), an independent industry organization that rates air cleaners for overall performance. Choose the system that matches your room size. All room sizes assume an 8-foot (2.4 meter) ceiling; if your ceilings are higher, choose the system that matches the next larger room size.

Room Size                               Best Blueair System
Up to 65 m2 (698 sq. ft.)            Blueair 650e
Up to 34 m2 (365 sq. ft.)            Blueair 450E
Up to 25 m2 (270 sq. ft.)            Blueair 270e   Blueair 203

All units come equipped with HEPASilent Particle Filters. Optional SmokeStopTM Filters are available for people who smoke or who live with a smoker.

Knowledge is Key

We take great pride in knowing as much as there is to know about each individual product we display in our store.

Our goal is to provide the highest-accuracy assistance in connecting you with the product that most suits your individual needs.

Often you may find that we will point you to a product which is actually less expensive than the one you had earmarked purely because we know it will offer you better performance for your specific requirement. 

Price isn't everything

1. We do not stock items that are unproven, unreliable or worse still unsafe.

2. We strive to avoid flashy, gimmicky type products. Most of these are admittedly often cheaper than the majority of items you will find here, but while those type of products may be initially attractive to the purse, they are often unsuitable and pretty much always less enduring.

3. We stock only the highest-quality products and spare parts and adhere to a strict quality control to ensure the reliability and long life of everything we supply.

Building a reputation since 1994

Our reputation rests on making sure you are happy with the product you have bought, and therefore we steadfastly make it our business to advise you correctly. Over the years we have supplied many household names with our products and services and the biggest thrill for us is when one of our customers  returns for additional advice or perhaps invites us to advise another family member or colleague of theirs. That is when we know we have done our job properly.

View some of our customers past and present.

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Are all items on the website in stock?

Yes, we have our own warehouse.

We are one of the only specialist air treatment product retailers in the country who actually stock all our own products on the shelf ready for same day dispatch.
If the item is on display you can be sure it is in stock at our warehouse and ready to be picked and shipped for next working day delivery across mainland UK.
The only items we cannot stock are mould testing kits which have to be made in a sterile environment at the lab before being sent out to you. Mould Kits generally take 1-3 days for delivery.


How quickly will my delivery arrive?

Next Day!
If you place your order before 2pm Monday to Thursday you will get your delivery the very next day.
For a full explanation of our delivery times and days see here.

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

Delivery is Free!
Virtually all items in our store are delivered free with a next working day delivery. Only orders below £50.00 attract a small Postage & Packing charge of £4.96. We would love to supply all our items with free delivery, but unfortunately for smaller orders this charge is necessary to cover costs.

The only other orders which incur additional costs are those shipping outside mainland UK or throughout Europe. These costs are made obvious prior to checking out, there are no last minute surprises here.



How long have you been trading and do you have customer feedback?

2014 will be our 20th year of continuous trading.

Customer feedback is vitally important to us here at Breathing Space. We believe our product knowledge and customer service are the two main things which can really help us to stand out in our industry. We have taken 20 years to get this far and so we think we must be doing something right. However, there is always room for improvement and things do not always go to plan, so please feel free to read our customer feedback on the link below. 

Customer Feedback 


Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have our showroom at our business address listed in the contact section.

Here we display all of our air purifiers, dehumidifiers and air conditioning units and are happy to demonstrate these to you if you pop in and pay us a visit. No appointment is necessary.

Store Opening Hours

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Can I choose a specific delivery day?

Yes. There is a section on the checkout which allows you to add a comment to your order. You can specify your preferred delivery day on there and we will amend the shipment at this end to ensure it arrives upon the day you choose.

Please note that Saturday deliveries cannot be made under the free delivery option, and will incur a £20.00 supplement. We do not make any profit on Saturday delivery charges, it is simply the cost that our couriers levy upon us for the weekend service.  

Do I need to register to order from you?

No, you don't, you can order as a guest without creating an account.

If you do decide to create an account it is very quick and simple and enables you to then view your order status at any time and also view previous purchases. Most importantly it makes placing future orders for things like replacement filters etc, much simpler and quicker next time around.

Once you have created your account, and have finished shopping simply go to the checkout, choose the method of shipping you would like and continue to payment. If you are happy with the order, confirm the payment and the item(s) will be dispatched to you.

How do I know if my order has been sent?

When you have placed your order you will receive an order confirmation by email. Shortly after you will receive another update to let you know your parcel has been shipped and is on its way to you.

One Hour Delivery Window Notification
On the morning of delivery you will receive another notification telling you exactly what time your parcel is going to arrive ( and even the name of the driver ! ). 

Of course, we are still human and love to talk to our customers, so you can of course pick up the telephone and call us at any time for further clarification if you have any concern that your order may not be en route.

How do I search for a product?

Our search database is very helpful and will attempt to guide you to the correct product with minimum of fuss. To find what you are looking for you can either type in a specific word or words in the search box and the website will try and bring up the most relevant articles for you. For instance, if you are looking for an air purifier for Asthma, you could try typing simply 'Asthma' or 'asthma air purifier' and the website will bring up information relevant to your query if available. Secondly, you can simply hover over the categories above to see the various sub categories. For instance if you are looking for a dehumidifier you can hover over the dehumidifier link and the various sub options available to you will drop down automatically.



Our Delivery Explained Clearly

All orders over £50.00 on our website include Free Next Working Day Delivery to mainland UK addresses. Orders below £50.00 are subject to a small £4.96 P&P to cover costs.

All orders received by 4pm Monday to Friday are shipped same day on a 24hr courier.

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Orders placed before the 4pm cut off on a Friday will be delivered on the following Monday.
Orders placed after 4pm on a Friday and over the weekend will be shipped on the Monday to arrive on
the Tuesday.

Should you require a timed delivery or live outside mainland UK don't worry , we can do that too, however our couriers do impose a small surcharge for certain areas and these are explained clearly below and also on the checkout pages.

Standard Delivery Options
Next Working Day 8am-5pm. Free of Charge with 1 Hour Delivery Time Slot sent by text message and/or email.

Next Working Day Before Noon costs £9.00
Saturday Delivery costs £10.00
Deliveries to N.Ireland cost £13.95 (Although this is part of the UK, couriers still charge extra for this service - sorry!)
Deliveries to Non Mainland UK addresses (Including the Republic of Ireland) cost £13.95
Deliveries to the Channel Islands cost £16.00

Arrival Notification - No More Waiting At Home All Day
When you place an online order with us you will be sent an Email alert letting you know your parcel has been shipped along with additional tracking details sent right to your inbox. This Email will not only tell you the delivery day, but more importantly it will detail what time your parcel will be delivered to within an hour. Knowing the status of your delivery at any one time means you can now rush the kids to school, pop out to the shops or even visit your aunty Doris for a cup of tea safe in the knowledge that you will not miss the delivery driver.

Change Your Delivery Day Online
If your allotted delivery time /day is suddenly no longer convenient, then you have the option to change it to another day or even another address directly from the Email or text message that we send to you. Total flexibility designed to enable you to get on with life's more important issues.

Service Updates: All services are currently running on time with no adverse weather affecting deliveries.

No Quibble Return Within Seven Days

If you change your mind about your purchase you may return the item, unused, with its original full packaging along with proof of purchase within 7 working days starting the day after delivery for exchange or a refund including the original delivery cost, as per your legal rights under the distance selling regulations 2000.
If you wish to return an item you should send an email to stating your reason for return or contact us in writing at our offices at the following address Unit 4a, Park Road Industrial Estate, Consett. DH8 5PY to obtain a returns number. You must obtain a returns number within 7 working days of delivery. Please ensure that the returns number that you have been provided with is clearly marked on the outside of the packaging. We would suggest you use a Recorded Delivery service, as proof of shipping is not proof of receipt.

Terms and conditions of return
In respect of air purification products, we regret that for hygiene reasons we are unable to provide a full refund for goods that are incomplete or have been used.

Please remember to send your return by Recorded Delivery. Credit/Debit cards will be refunded within 30 days ( although usually this only takes a day or two ) Please note that we are unable to bear the cost of returning unwanted goods to us.     

Return of Faulty Products After 28 Days

All Breathing Space products carry a minimum of twelve months warranty. In fact most now carry 24 months and some even up to 60 Months for complete peace of mind.
Once your product is more that 28 days old (but still within its manufacturers warranty) you may return it directly to the manufacturer under the terms and conditions of their warranty.

We will repair or replace the product or refund your money as per our legal responsibility under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 when:
• The product is confirmed to be faulty.
• If no fault is found then the product(s) will be returned and a charge of £13.95 (plus VAT) per product, plus carriage costs will be made to cover technical inspection costs. (Before sending goods back as ‘faulty’ it is always a good idea to contact our technical helpline on 01207 507444 who are often able to resolve setup and installation problems over the phone. Most manufacturers will also have a Product Helpline in the User Guide provided with the item).
• The product is otherwise in its original condition.
• It is returned complete, together with any accessories in the original box and all packaging.
• Our promise to replace products or refund your money does not apply to faults caused by accident, neglect or misuse. Repair, replacement or refund is solely at the discretion of Breathing Space.

Returning Faulty Goods Within 28 Days

If there is a fault with your product you may return it within 28 days of delivery for repair, replacement or refund.
To return faulty goods you should contact Customer Services on 01207 507444 to obtain a returns number, Please ensure that the returns number that you have been provided with is clearly marked on the outside of the packaging. We would appreciate in all cases notification to be confirmed in writing as to the reason for the return.This makes it easier to confirm any claim.

Please remember to send your return by Recorded Delivery from the Post Office or your chosen courier when returning goods, as we cannot be held responsible for goods lost in transit without it.

We will replace the product or refund your money when:
• The product is confirmed to be faulty.
• If no fault is found then the product(s) will be returned and a charge of £13.95 (plus VAT) per product, plus carriage costs will be made to cover technical inspection costs. Manufacturers' inspection charges for 'no fault found' items are higher than those stated above and, if the item requires a full inspection from the manufacturer, their charge will be passed on to the customer. (Before sending goods back as ‘faulty’ it is always a good idea to contact our technical helpline on 01207 507444 who are often able to resolve setup and installation problems over the phone. Most manufacturers will also have a Product Helpline in the User Guide provided with the item).
• The product is otherwise in its original condition.
• It is returned complete, together with any accessories in the original box and all packaging.

Our promise to replace products or refund your money does not apply to faults caused by accident, neglect or misuse.
Where item(s) are confirmed to be faulty, we will also pay for your reasonable cost of returning the item(s) for replacement or refund.

Returning Your Item

If you wish to return an item you should send an email to stating your reason for return or contact us by telephone on 01207 507444, or in writing to our offices at the following address:
Breathing Space, Unit 4a, Park Road Industrial Estate,Consett.DH8 5PY to obtain a returns number.

You must obtain a returns number within 7 working days of delivery. Please ensure that the returns number that you have been provided with is clearly marked on the outside of the packaging. We would suggest you use a Recorded Delivery service, as proof of shipping is not proof of receipt.

When returning items please ensure that you send back items the same way as you would expect to receive them. Please make sure items are carefully wrapped, so that they complete the return journey in tact.

Our Returns Policy

UK Customers:
The customer is responsible for the cost of returning an item to us. If you are returning the item for a refund we will refund you minus a Postage & Packaging contribution of £19.95+vat. This only applies to orders where we initially paid for your delivery and offered you a Free Delivery Service.

If you are returning an item for exchange we may offer to deliver the replacement unit and collect the unwanted item at the same time for your convenience. We are sorry that we cannot offer free exchanges to destinations outside the UK. Free Exchanges within the UK will be offered within reason, but we reserve the right to request a delivery fee depending upon the circumstances or if we are exchanging an item for a second time.

In cases where the product is faulty due to manufacturing or any mistake made by us, we will refund you in full including any costs incurred to you within reason.

Please note that you should return faulty/incorrect items using 1st Class postage with Recorded Delivery.

International Customers:
You will be required to pay and organise your own method of getting the products back to us securely. We do not refund your cost of delivery.

In cases when requesting a refund, you may be charged a delivery contribution , this only applies to orders where we originally paid the courier and but gave you a  free delivery because you spent over the qualifying amount. However that 'Free Delivery' becomes void when requesting a refund. Charges deducted will be calculated on our cost as displayed on the delivery rates page for your country. Exchanges will be charged as per normal delivery rate and we are sorry we cannot offer free exchanges to international customers.


General Contact

Breathing Space
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Park Road Industrial Estate
VAT No : GB620861457

Telephone: 01207 507444
Facsimile: 01207 507333
Breathing Space is a trading name of Indoor Cooling Limited Registered in England 3474348.

Price Promise

Our Price Promise

Price Promise

At Breathing Space our ethos is to provide you with genuine, factual and unbiased advice. To help you choose the correct product for your needs and deliver it to you quickly. Rarely are the companies who provide the best customer experience also the cheapest. These two factors do not usually go hand in hand. We do not focus on simply being cheaper than everybody else, after all anybody can do that. However, we do recognise that price is also immensely important and nobody should be expected to pay over the odds for anything, no matter how good the advice or service is. Therefore we do have a price promise which ensures that no matter how little the difference may be between ourselves and the identical product found elsewhere, we will happily match that for you too. We can't say fairer that that!

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The Team

The Team

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