Air Conditioner Guide

Not all portable air conditioners are what they seem.

As the UK air conditioning market becomes more competitive, manufacturers, importers and distributors are constantly finding new ways to make their air conditioning units seem to be more powerful or better value for money than they really are.
Before buying any portable air conditioner make sure you can answer these questions.

Question: Is the unit really as powerful as it says it is?
Question: Will it be powerful enough to cool my room properly?
Question: Is it reliable?
Question: How quiet is it really?
Question: Will spares/service be available next year after my warranty expires?
You cannot be expected to know all the answers, thats why we're here, its our job!
You may be about to part with a decent sum of money for something that will hopefully give you years of trouble free service, so try to get it right first time.  We love to talk to our customers, so if you are in any way unsure pick up the phone and call us, we will always give you a good honest answer.
How do I know how many Btu's I need when choosing my air conditioner?
This is one of the most common questions we get asked,  the answer is fairly simple thankfully.

1. Simply measure the H x W x D of your room in feet to get your room volume. ( ie 12ft x 12ft x 8ft = 1152 ft³ )
2. Now, take that figure and multiply it by 5. ( ie 1152 ft³ x 5 = 5760 ).
3. In the example above 5760 is the minimum BTU rating you should choose for your air conditioner.

Note of Caution: The calculation used above is the industry accepted standard for calculating the required cooling for any given room size. However you should always try to opt for a unit with more BTU's than you think you need, this way the room will be cooled more quickly using less electricity. Also the unit will stand more chance of cooling your room on the hotter days.

Monoblock Units.
A monoblock is the most simple air conditioning solution. Simply plug the unit in to a normal 13amp socket, hang the flexible exhaust hose ( similar to that of a tumble dryer ) out of a window or vent it through a wall or door left slightly ajar and switch on. The hose is used to carry warm air from the room to the outside. You can view the Monoblock units here.

Evaporative Coolers
Evaporative Coolers are NOT air conditioners. They do not blow out cold, refrigerated air. Likewise they do not 'exchange' the warm air in the room with cold air. Therefore an Evaporative Cooler cannot air condition a room. These units basically take the warm room air and pass it through cold water. This air is then re-introduced to the room a few degrees cooler than it was to begin with. An evaporative cooler basically operates as a 'spot cooler' ie cooling the spot immediately in front of the machine but  the room will not reduce in temperature as a whole.
On the upside, evaporative coolers require no external exhaust hose and therefore are totally free standing.

Wall Split Units. Easy Install DIY Wall Mounted Air Conditioners.
As the name suggests, these air conditioners are 'split' into two pieces. The internal unit simply hangs on the wall in your room and delivers cold or warm air for the perfect temperature night or day. This inside unit is connected (via flexible refrigerant lines) to an outside 'condensing' unit. Our units are all pre-gassed with environmentally friendly refrigerant which enables them to be fitted easily without prior air conditioning knowledge. Click here to view all our wall mounted air conditioners

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