Blueair Classic 280i Smokestop Air Purifier Integrated Air Quality Sensors

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Welcome to the new Blueair Classic 280i Smokestop. The timeless design is now more powerful, even quieter and more energy efficient than before and also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and built in air quality sensors for fully automatic operation. This professional air purifier gives you complete control over your air quality at home and provides clean air that’s virtually free of allergy and Asthma triggers. This Smokestop model also includes a specially treated carbon filter for optimum removal of traffic pollution, smog, and other heavy gaseous pollutants such as tobacco smoke and VOC's ( volatile Organic Compounds). The new LED digital display lets you control the air you breathe with the slightest touch, or download the free Blueair Friend™ App and connect it for remote control via any smart device.

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See your air quality
The Blueair Aware air quality sensors are integrated into this new Classic 280i model, meaning at a glance you can see the actual air quality inside your room at all times. Connect the unit to the Blueair Friend app ( available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play ) to track changes in – and get tips to improve – your indoor air quality. Learn how air quality varies depending on your various activities and control your purifier from afar using any smart device. The app also monitors and and reports back on current outdoor air quality data too.

Unique Blueair HEPASilent Technology Plus Traffic Pollutant & Gaseous Chemical Filter.  
The Blueair Classic 280i uses Blueair HEPASilent Technology to remove virtually all airborne pollutants. Using the best in electrostatic and mechanical filtration, the HEPASilent Technology is a revolutionary combination of advanced filter media and an encapsulated particle-charging chamber. This ensures that your Blueair purifier delivers results far superior than either mechanical or electrostatic technology alone. This Smokestop model also includes a specialist activated carbon filter for use in rooms where removal of heavy gaseous pollutants such as traffic pollution, Smog, tobacco smoke, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) is required. 

Sometimes smaller is better.
This unique design enables all Blueair purifiers to achieve 99.97% filtration efficiency, all the way down to .01 micron. Most Hepa filters only trap particles down to 0.3 micron. The smaller particles trapped by the Blueair technology mean that your room will be continually protected from much more of the most hazardous smaller particles like viruses and bacteria than it would be with basic hepa filtration. This Smokestop model also includes a layer of activated carbon granules for use in rooms where removal of heavy gaseous pollutants such as tobacco smoke or volatile organic compounds ( VOC's) is required.

Taking Control of your Indoor Air.
The new Blueair Classic 280i is your air quality watchdog. An updated control panel and convenient LED touch buttons are tastefully hidden inside a panel on top of the unit. These controls help you keep track of your air purifier’s operation, Wi-Fi connection and filter status as well as room air quality with indications of PM2.5 and VOC levels. Download the free Blueair FriendTM app and connect it to the new Classic to control functions such as operating speed, child lock, night mode and more from afar using any smart device.

Quiet Performance.
A perfect bedroom companion, the new Blueair Classic 280i Smokestop packs a complete, high-performance air purifier into a beautifully compact design that’s also incredibly quiet. Although its lowest in class noise levels make it ideal for bedrooms, it is also perfect for other small areas and work spaces to get rid of airborne pollutants like allergens, pollen,dust, smoke, traffic pollution and mold spores. The high quality filter inside each Blueair purifier also filters out the PM2.5 pollutant and other potentially lung damaging particles.

Power and Economy
The union of visually pleasing form and effective function has long been a hallmark of Swedish design, and the new Classic air purifier range is no exception. The 280i is designed for maximum performance, providing five complete air changes an hour in rooms up to 26m2. Each unit is also Energy Star Qualified ensuring it consumes minimal electricity in day to day running. The Swedish design is not only attractive but also built to last. Each machine is finely crafted from galvanized steel and is powder coated for durability and environmental protection that produces no chemical off gassing. The air purifier housing is easy to clean, and won't pick up grime and oily stains the way that many plastic units can and each machine comes with a full 5 year Warranty.

For further information please feel free to call us on 01207 507444 and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have! 

  • Integrated Air Quality Sensors
  • Optimum Removal of Traffic Pollutants
  • Enhanced Tobacco Smoke and VOC  Removal
  • With Optional Smartphone Control
  • Monitors and Logs Your Daily Indoor Air Quality   
  • For rooms up to 26m2
  • Energy Star Qualified - Low Power Consumption
  • 99.97% Filtration Efficiency to 0.1 Micron
  • (How small is a micron?)
  • Lowest Noise Levels in Class
  • Highest CADR Ratings in Class
  • (What is CADR and why is it important?)
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Steel Contruction
  • Ozone Free

Not sure if this is the correct Blueair for you?
Click here for help in choosing your ideal Blueair based upon your room size.

Room Size: 26m² (AHAM)*
CADR: 340m³/hr**
Filter Efficiency (Microns) >0.1
Size (HxWxD): 53 x 43 x 20cm
Weight: 11 kg
Energy consumption (watts): 20-80
Noise level dB(A): 32-56
Fan Speeds: 3
Air outlet: Top
Air inlet: Rear
Warranty (Years ): 5 

Ozone Free: Yes
Automatic Operation: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Timer: Yes
Carbon (Type): Yes/Granule***
Filter Change Indicator: Yes

AHAM certified room size is the size of room in which the air purifier can provide a full five air changes per hour. Therefore refreshing all of the air in the room through its filters once every twelve minutes.This is more relevant than 'maximum' room size which does not reflect an air purifiers genuine effective capability. Always be sure to only use the 'AHAM certified' room size for true comparison purposes.

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate and is an actual measurement of the amount of filtered air provided by the machine.This is the only true way to compare like for like between air purifiers when assessing how powerful they are. CADR is not the same as air volume which will always appear higher due to the fact that it is only a measurement of the units fan power (with no filter Installed).

***Carbon Filters
Carbon filters remove chemical fumes including VOC's, traffic combustion gases, pet odours, tobacco smoke and many more gaseous pollutants.However not all carbon filters are the same. Basic carbon 'sheet' filters are generally lightweight and have little capacity to adsorb these pollutants effectively. On the other hand filters containing actual carbon 'granules' are infinitely more effective and should always be chosen over carbon sheets where the most effective gaseous pollutant removal is required.

Due to continuous development and improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification of the product or its performance,or the contents of the guide, without notice.


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  • Review Date - 3rd February 2020
  • Product Reviewing? - Classic 280i Smokestop Air Purifier Integrated Air Quality Sensors (280iSM)
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Good product generally and as expected. Took a star off as the app sync does not always work well.

February 3, 2020
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  • Review Date - 22nd November 2019
  • Product Reviewing? - Classic 280i Smokestop Air Purifier Integrated Air Quality Sensors (280iSM)
  • Would you recommend this product? - Yes
  • Business or Personal Use? - Personal
  • Business Name (if applicable) - N/A
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The Classic 280i is a superb piece of equipment. Extremely well made and beautifully engineered. The automatic sensor is super responsive and within seconds of me vaping in my lounge, the unit turns-on and immediately processes the vapor. In fact, you can see the air circulation the unit sets-up in the room. Since buying the unit, my nose no longer runs continually and I've stopped the episodes of sneezing that was caused by 'something' in the air. I love cats but con't own one. However, several local cats visit me daily for food (typical!) and one spends all day asleep on my sofa. I suspect this was causing an allergic reaction but it was stopped immediately when I switched-on the purifier.

November 22, 2019
Roy Hawkins
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  • Review Date - 16th November 2019
  • Product Reviewing? - Classic 280i Smokestop Air Purifier Integrated Air Quality Sensors (280iSM)
  • Would you recommend this product? - Yes
  • Business or Personal Use? - Personal
  • Business Name (if applicable) - N/A
  • Business Size (if applicable) - 1-5

This is not a cheap product, so you expect it to be good. In fact, I think it's excellent!!!!!!!! It's extremely well made and it looks great but more importantly, it works amazingly well. I quit a 2-pack a day 50 year smoking habit over 5 years ago, overnight, using electronic vaping devices. I no longer have the terrible smell and yellowing decorations in my home, but I do have an issue with vapor, especially in the cold weather when you have to reduce ventilation to prevent heat loss. This unit cleared my lounge/kitchen area of all vapor and cooking odors in less than 10 minutes using the Auto function and having gradually reduced the fan speed, went into standby mode. Within less than a minute of taking a vape (on the other side of the room to where the unit was) the 280i came back to life, removed all the vapor in well under 2 minutes and then returned to standby. I'm really, really pleased with this unit. I placed my order late on a Wednesday afternoon (4.45 p.m.?) and the carrier delivered the unit late morning on the Friday. Between them, Breathing Space and DPD provided a superb delivery experience. I was fortunate enough to benefit from a "free" replacement filter at the time I ordered my unit.

November 16, 2019
Roy Hawkins
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  • Review Date - 28th February 2019
  • Product Reviewing? - Classic 280i Smokestop Air Purifier Integrated Air Quality Sensors (280iSM)
  • Would you recommend this product? - Yes
  • Business or Personal Use? - Business
  • Business Name (if applicable) - Baden-Powell Associates Limited
  • Business Size (if applicable) - 1-5
  • Location - Pimlico, London SW1V 1SD

This product does just what I wanted it to.

February 28, 2019
Roger Baden-Powell

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