BAP9240 Air Purifier

The BAP9240-IUK  Dual Position air purifier was launched in 2012 and continues to be one of our best selling small room air purifiers.

Important Customer Information. Some UK websites are advertising similar Bionaire units at reduced prices. The units advertised on these other sites are are older, graded  machines and are NOT covered by any Bionaire warranty. If in any doubt please call Bionaire UK or our offices on 01207 507444 whereby we will be happy to clarify this for you.

All units sold by Breathing Space are genuine brand new Bionaire units with a full 2 year warranty.

Quieter Operation
The high quality fan inside the new BAP9420 means that it can filter out allergens, pollution, cigarette smoke, odours and other airborne impurities in rooms right up to 13m2. The solidly built, sound proofed casing combines this powerful cleaning ability with remarkably low operating noise too. Making the BAP9420 ideal for the bedroom, office or even the TV room.

High Allergen Control with additional Tobacco and Traffic Fume Filter
As well as filtering out over 99% of allergens, the HEPA filter inside the BAP9240 also has a layer of activated carbon which makes for efficient clearing of tobacco smoke and associated odours including traffic fumes, cooking smells and pet odours.

Unique Gel Seal Hepa Filter
An air purifier is only as good as the Hepa filter inside it, and to this end the Bionaire really stands out. The filter inside the BAP9420 is encased in a high grade plastic case ( not cardboard as in most replacement Hepa units) In addition, the actual filter paper is sealed to the sides of the casing with a gel seal - making it impossible for any of those nasty airborne allergens to sneak around the side and avoid going through the filter itself ( this is a common problem with lower grade Hepa filters).

Automatic Filter Status Indicator Light
Over the years we have found that there are very few air purifiers that actually tell you when its time to change the filter. Thankfully Bionaire have incorporated this small but extremely handy function into the new BAP9240. When it is time to change the filter ( approximately 6 months of use ) the little orange tick light appears ontop of the machine letting you know its time to swap the filter over. Replacement filters for this model cost £13.99 and are always readily available.

Dual Positioning Design. Great flexibility ( with anti-vibration rubber feet )
We love this new feature. The BAP9420 can sit flat on any surface and blow the purifierd air directly towards the front or you can choose to stand it upright on its end and have it take up even less space - a genius piece of design. 

British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval
All Bionaire air purifiers also come with full British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval so you can be sure they are doing exactly what they claim with regards to filtering out all those airborne allergens and dirt particles.

Free Two Year Warranty (plus optional new for old replacement guarantee)
All Bionaire air purifiers come with a Free 2 year warranty. The exceptional quality of the units means that this is rarely needed. For even greater peace of mind an optional New for Old option is available on checkout which gives the option of having any faulty unit replaced with a brand new one at any time within the first 2 years should it fail to work for any reason.

Built-In Ionizer
There is an independently controlled Ionizer on the unit which many people find adds a greater sense of freshness to the air. Technically the Hepa filter does all the real work but many people like the idea of the additional effect an Ionizer can bring to a room. If you are unsure as to the benefits /drawbacks of an ioniser please give us a call on 01207 507444 whereby we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.