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woman wearing WearA+ 17/11/2023

Is this the world’s most effective wearable air purifier?

Respair WearA+ At last, a genuinely effective, truly wearable air purifier has arrived in the UK. In this world where the air quality consistently fails to meet the WHO’s minimum safety guidelines, a wearable air purifier feels more like a necessity for everybody than a luxury item for a privileged few. Here at Breathing Space we have been promoting some of the world’s best air purifiers since 1994, but in all that time we have never come across a wearable device which we felt had the right credentials to sit... Read More

Classic air purifier with family 14/04/2023

40% off Blueair Classic Air Purifiers

We have supplied the Blueair Classic range for almost twenty years, and they are still amongst the best air purifiers money can buy. Our advice is to grab a bargain whilst you still can, these units will not hang around long at these prices. So why are Blueair offering up to 40% discount on these super popular models?Well, in short, the Classic range has been around for decades, and like everything else, progress dictates that newer models need to keep coming in order for any brand to stay ‘fresh’. Shouldn’t... Read More

Airgle air purifier 19/08/2022

Airgle – Class 1 Medical Device Air Purifiers now available in the UK!

It is easy to get caught up in the argument about which air purifiers have the best air filters for removing airborne nasties. Let’s face it, you can get completely flummoxed when trying to work out if the air purifier you are considering purchasing actually uses a Hepa Filter or a ‘True’ Hepa filter, or even a ‘Mega’ Hepa filter. The fact is, the terms True Hepa and Mega Hepa ( and many other types to boot ) are actually made up names that have appeared over the last few... Read More


New Breathing Space App launched today.

Our new App launched in the Apple App store today. The Breathing Space App makes it even easier to find and order your air purifier or replacement air filters. If you are an existing customer you can log in to your normal account via the App and all your details will be there already waiting for you. New customers can easily create an account too. Browsing through the same extensive list of air purifiers and accessories that are on the main website is now right at your fingertips and ordering... Read More


Covid-19 Trading Update

Covid-19 Trading Update With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, our priorities have been to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our work colleagues and family whilst maintaining our normal business operations as closely as possible. This includes the direct supply of essential air purification equipment to the NHS, the UK government and directly to the public in homes all across the UK. Breathing Space is a genuine family business, all the staff not only work together, but also isolate at home together too. This has enabled us to continue... Read More


Blueair air purifiers effective in real-world nursery environment according to Mayor of London trial.

UK Trial shows that air purifiers can be effective at reducing PM2.5 and NO2 in a real world-nursery environment. Results announced today, 26 February, at Columbia Market Nursery School by Mayor of London. With low levels of noise, report also says that air purifiers are suitable for installation and operation in nurseries. London Mayor has called on the British government to urgently bring in performance and design standards for air filtration systems in the UK. Swedish Blueair is proud to have been shortlisted to participate in this pioneering British trial,... Read More