40% off Blueair Classic Air Purifiers

We have supplied the Blueair Classic range for almost twenty years, and they are still amongst the best air purifiers money can buy. Our advice is to grab a bargain whilst you still can, these units will not hang around long at these prices.

So why are Blueair offering up to 40% discount on these super popular models?
Well, in short, the Classic range has been around for decades, and like everything else, progress dictates that newer models need to keep coming in order for any brand to stay ‘fresh’.

Shouldn’t I just buy one of the new models instead?
You could, and you would not be disappointed. The new versions 7470i & 7770i pack a lot of technology into a striking new design, however this comes at a cost.

What if extra technology, Wifi connectivity and using an App to control my air purifier is just not my thing?
Then do yourself a huge favour and grab one of the remaining Classic models whilst you can. These units are built in steel, are tried and tested and have unbelievable reliability. They have also won countless awards ( including Which? Best Buy) over the years.

Will I still be able to get spare filters for these after they have been discontinued?
Yes! This is one of the best reasons we can give you to put your trust in the Blueair brand. We have customers who’s Blueair purifiers are almost thirty years old, and are still going strong. Blueair are still manufacturing spare filters for these older machines, despite them being discontinued long ago. If you invest in a Blueair Classic now, you are also investing in longevity ( and saving up to 40% into the bargain).

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