Airgle – Class 1 Medical Device Air Purifiers now available in the UK!

It is easy to get caught up in the argument about which air purifiers have the best air filters for removing airborne nasties. Let’s face it, you can get completely flummoxed when trying to work out if the air purifier you are considering purchasing actually uses a Hepa Filter or a ‘True’ Hepa filter, or even a ‘Mega’ Hepa filter.

The fact is, the terms True Hepa and Mega Hepa ( and many other types to boot ) are actually made up names that have appeared over the last few years as manufacturers and retailers try to gain a march on one another by making their devices sound more super duper than the next.

The name True Hepa is commonly used these days to describe a Hepa filter which is a genuine H13 Grade as opposed to cheaper devices which only contain E12 Grade. E12 is still good, but traps far fewer of the smallest most harmful particles like viruses and bacteria.

At the top of all of the different filter grades attributed to Hepa filters sits MERV19 which is the standard fitted into US manufacturer Airgle’s latest range of devices now available in the UK.

Airgle units are actually certified Class 1 Medical devices which break down harmful particles down to 0.003 microns with an efficiency of greater than 99.999%. That’s particles 100 times smaller than those captured in standard H13 Hepa filters.

These units are no longer just the preserve of hospitals, dental labs and doctors surgeries, they are now available in domestic form for use in your home too.

See the full range here.

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