Allergic to those you love the most?!

Pets… we love them dearly and treat them like one of the family.

But sometimes they’re REALLY hard to live with.

Cats and parrots are the biggest culprits when it comes to allergies.

Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies, but it’s not the fur that’s the real problem. Normally, it’s the saliva, urine or dander – dried skin – that we react badly to.

Parrot allergies are very common too and, once again, it tends to be the dander which causes the adverse reaction.

As a nation of animal lovers, we’re willing to do anything to solve the problem of pet allergies if it means we can hug and stroke and cuddle our animals.

What can you do? Tidy, clean, vacuum; just as you would normally do. Keep pets out of the bedroom and, maybe once a week, treat them to a bath!

What can we do? The Blueair 203 will keep the air in your home nice and clean, removing over 99% of airborne allergens. This, together with your general household cleaning, allows you and your pets to live in harmony.

The Blueair 203 is just one of many Air Purifiers supplied by Breathing Space – if you need advice on which one’s perfect for you, just give David a ring on 01207 507 444.

We’re here to help you create a happy home.

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