Is this the world’s most effective wearable air purifier?

Respair WearA+
At last, a genuinely effective, truly wearable air purifier has arrived in the UK.

In this world where the air quality consistently fails to meet the WHO’s minimum safety guidelines, a wearable air purifier feels more like a necessity for everybody than a luxury item for a privileged few. Here at Breathing Space we have been promoting some of the world’s best air purifiers since 1994, but in all that time we have never come across a wearable device which we felt had the right credentials to sit equally alongside our other premium air purification products…until now.

The new WearA+ from Respiray is easily the best wearable air purifier we have ever had the pleasure to test, and now after it’s initial launch in Europe ( to rapturous acclaim) it is finally available to buy here in the UK. We will be writing a more in-depth product review in the coming days, but for now click here to go right to the product – where it is currently available with an introductory 30% discount for Black Friday.

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