Keeping landlord and tenant happy

The relationship between landlord and tenant can be a delicate one.

But the bottom line is that both parties actually want exactly the same thing – they want the property to remain in a lovely, liveable condition, all year round.

Fact #1: If a landlord provides a comfortable, considered, cared for home, it’s 87% more likely to be looked after by the tenant.

One of the most common problems in rented accommodation, is damp. This is because:

  • the causes tend to be ignored by the tenant as they don’t impact on their day to day.
  • damp takes a long time to show up as a problem and, by the time it’s reported, the damage may already have been done.

Condensation in the colder months is the biggest culprit of damp, but it’s easily solved. The Ecoair Dehumidifier is a compact, unobtrusive unit that will completely get rid of condensation – leaving you and your tenants confident that your home’s being silently looked after.

Fact #2: The cost of the Ecoair Dehumidifier is £159 – the cost of curing damp and redecorating a room is anywhere between £500 and £2,000, depending on whether you do it yourself or get a professional in.

If you’re not sure what size or kind of de-humidifier you might need, give Breathing Space a call. We’re happy to help you.

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