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Do air purifiers add harmful ozone to your home?

Well, that is certainly the question we are being asked about most this week by existing customers and potential ones alike. This is exactly the type of question we love as it just goes to prove that people are now more aware than ever before about the importance of good air quality inside their homes. Below is our simple guide to understanding ozone and the answer to the question – Do air purifiers add harmful ozone to your home? What is ozone? Ozone (O3) can occur naturally, or be man... Read More


How to choose an air purifier for Asthma relief.

In an earlier post back in 2014 we discussed different ways to reduce allergens throughout the home, with or without the use of air purifiers. However, in this post we are focusing on air purifiers specifically, and more importantly, which type you should consider if you suffer from Asthma. There are two main types of purifier commonly used for alleviating Asthma symptoms, firstly there are ‘Air Sterilisers’ like the popular Airfree brand, and then there are more commonly known ‘Hepa Filter’ air purifiers, which come in all shapes and sizes.... Read More

lit cigarette with tobacco smoke 14/04/2016

Air purifiers and tobacco smoke – the good and the bad.

Did you know that second hand tobacco smoke contains over 250 harmful chemicals? Some air purifiers are specially designed to remove much much more of these harmful chemicals than others. This is an area we have a real expertise in and one which confuses some people more than most. Read on for our advice on coping with tobacco smoke in the home. The chances are you are reading this article because you already know the dangers of smoking, or passive inhalation, and are looking to do something about it in... Read More

Dyson air purifier 06/04/2016

Dyson Pure Cool Review – A stunning looking air purifier but how does it compare?

Dyson Pure Cool – Fabulous air purifier, clever marketing or a bit of both? Dyson have made a move into the air purification market with their new Pure Cool range of air purifiers. On the face of things the two models, the Pure Cool Link Stand and Pure Cool Link Tower seem to have all the bases covered. They employ Hepa filters to remove airborne pollutants and they also have a layer of carbon to remove odours and VOC’s ( volatile organic compounds ). They also have the ability to... Read More

blueair air purifiers and air quality sensors 24/03/2015

New smartphone app set to revolutionise the way we identify and deal with health hazards in our indoor air.

The following press release from Blueair, one of the world’s most  trusted specialist air purifier manufacturers, has got us all excited. They have just launched a new smartphone app which enables the user to remotely see what hazards are lurking in their indoor air at home or in the office, and even more impressive is the ability to then use the app to send a signal to a wifi enabled air purifier to remotely get on and deal with the problem. Currently only available in the US the new technology... Read More

Stop Dust Mites 18/03/2015

Dust Mites and Asthma – What can you do to alleviate the symptoms.

What are Dust Mites? Dust mites are tiny little bugs that are are so small you cannot see them with the naked eye. The fact is every home has these, no matter how clean you think your home is, the dust mites are lurking (sorry!)  These critters survive by feeding on human skin flakes and mould spores and are commonly found in our pillows, mattresses, furniture, carpets and believe it or not even in stuffed toys and our other fabric covered belongings. What is the link between Dust Mites and... Read More


The team behind Breathing Space

Meet the team helping you to breeeath more easily! Here’s 25 things you probably don’t know about us: David Watt David is the founder and Breathing Space’s Managing Director since 1994. He’s most likely to answer any technical queries you might have relating to Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers. He knows his stuff! Here’s 5 things you probably didn’t know about David: 1.    David’s hobbies include golf, cycling, football and music 2.    Favourite film is The Big Lebowski (or anything by the Coen Brothers) 3.    His favourite food is his wife’s... Read More


Allergic to those you love the most?!

Pets… we love them dearly and treat them like one of the family. But sometimes they’re REALLY hard to live with. Cats and parrots are the biggest culprits when it comes to allergies. Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies, but it’s not the fur that’s the real problem. Normally, it’s the saliva, urine or dander – dried skin – that we react badly to. Parrot allergies are very common too and, once again, it tends to be the dander which causes the adverse reaction. As a nation... Read More


Keeping landlord and tenant happy

The relationship between landlord and tenant can be a delicate one. But the bottom line is that both parties actually want exactly the same thing – they want the property to remain in a lovely, liveable condition, all year round. Fact #1: If a landlord provides a comfortable, considered, cared for home, it’s 87% more likely to be looked after by the tenant. One of the most common problems in rented accommodation, is damp. This is because: the causes tend to be ignored by the tenant as they don’t impact... Read More


5 New Year’s resolutions… for asthma

It’s the New Year! And that means resolutions! For the 5.4 million people in the UK with Asthma we thought we’d share 5 New Year’s resolutions to help keep symptoms at bay… along with using your normal medication. 1. Make sure you’re breathing clean air Many of the irritants that trigger an Asthma attack are airborne: smoke, pollen, mould, dust and pet dander. Most of us are very careful about what we eat and drink but a large number of toxins actually enter our systems from the air. An air purifier... Read More