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PM2.5 Air Pollution, Particles & Air Purifiers.

The unrelenting demand for air purifiers which can cope with the PM2.5 particle size range may still be driven primarily by the serious air pollution in China, however the effects are being felt throughout the whole of Europe as air purifier manufacturers struggle to keep up with the demand from Chinese consumers eager to purchase high quality air purifiers from the UK and have them urgently shipped over. In Beijing for instance the primary pollution sources include exhaust emission from more than five million motor vehicles, coupled with coal burning... Read More

Lotus P150 Chromotherapy air purifier 04/02/2014

Airfree’s new air purifier the Lotus P150 is a colourful character!

Airfree, the manufacturers of the world’s safest and most tested air purifiers, have long been the forerunners of specialist air purification for the home or office. Apart from cleaning the air to a higher degree than any other air purifier we have, they have always stood out because of their unique designs. Airfree do not believe in producing bland box shaped air purifiers, they always push the boat out, and why not. Let’s face it, if you have a technology that is so much better than most of your competition... Read More

Picture of Ecoair DC12 Home Dehumidifier 23/01/2014

Choosing The Best Dehumidifier for your home in the UK

As we are all too aware here in the UK we are not exactly blessed with beautiful weather all year round. The fact is our summers are usually pretty wet and moist causing high humidity problems. Beyond summer, the later autumn and winter months also tend to cause lots of humidity and condensation problems for people and their homes. Dampness and condensation in the home is not only a nuisance but it can also be costly. Last year alone it cost Brits millions of pounds in structural damage. Choosing the... Read More


Stunning debut by Stadler Form Dehumidifiers

Stadler Form.. who’s that again? Stadler Form may not be the most well known brand name in the humdrum world of home dehumidifiers. However, their entry into the market has caused quite a stir. Let’s face it, dehumidifiers are not known for their flamboyant styling. So when the kings of Swiss design let it be known they were going to concentrate their efforts on manufacturing two new dehumidifiers, it was with baited breath, and much excitement we awaited the unveiling. As with all Stadler form products there were no dull numeric... Read More

Blueair Air Purifiers Chosen by American Embassy

The New York Post in America reported this week that one of our most trusted air purifier brands Blueair has been chosen by the United States Embassy in Beijing to provide clean air for its employees homes in the smog plagued city. Apparently more and more companies are realising that their employees are reluctant to reside for long in cities where the air quality is so poor. After careful consideration of many different systems the Embassy decided that the Blueair air purifiers offered the best air purity combined with the... Read More


Newest Airfree T40 model is an instant hit!

    Airfree’s newest addition is an instant hit. One of our most popular brands Airfree, released their very latest air purifier this month and it has been a phenomenal success already. Within one week of its official UK launch we had already sold out and are expecting the next shipment to arrive within the next few days. The New Airfree T40 is introduced at a budget price of £99.00, bringing the this specialist manufacturers equipment within reach of many of us who simply were unable to stretch the extra... Read More

Picture of Ecoair DC12 Home Dehumidifier 03/06/2013

Dehumidifier for a 3 bedroom house

New Dehumidifier to Dehumidify a 3 Bedroom Home this Autumn in 2013 Autumn weather causes many disruptions in the UK. The startling drop in temperature added to wet and windy weather causes many of our homes to fall victim to the onset of damp and rot. Thankfully the new Ecoair DC12 Home Dehumidifier can help prevent this. The Ecoair ECODC12 Home Dehumidifier is the latest dehumidifier which has been built specifically built to dehumidify 3 bedroom houses. Features of the ECODC12 3 Bedroom Dehumidifier ● “Laundry Mode” helps clothes dry... Read More


Best boat dehumidifier Ecoair dehumidifier is named the perfect boat dehumidifier by motor boats monthly magazine

EcoAir DD122FW Dehumidifier named the Perfect Boat Dehumidifier by Motor Boats Monthly Magazine EcoAir DD122FW Dehumidifier – “the perfect boat dehumidifier” The EcoAir DD122FW Dehumidifier has been declared the “perfect boat dehumidifier” in a glowing review from the October 2012 issue of Motor Boats Monthly Magazine. The review, written by Motor Boats Monthly’s Neale Byart, recommends the EcoAir dehumidifier, stressing the importance of a dehumidifier on a boat as the wet autumn weather sets in. Dehumidifiers Essential for Boats As you might expect, boats are much more prone to mould,... Read More

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Mail on Sunday recommends Breathing Space!

We made the press! The Mail on Sunday has named our Bionaire BAP9240 Lifetime Hepa air purifier as one of the truly effective Hay Fever Treatments. In an article written by written by Dr Morris of the Surrey Allergy Clinic, the unit was described as an effective side-effect-free method of controlling hay fever when indoors. No side effects The article appeared in last weeks Mail on Sunday and stated that allergy consultants and homeopaths agree that air purifiers containing Hepa air filters are the most effective at removing pollen spores,... Read More


How to recover from a flood

What to do when your house is flooded I expect if you’re reading this, you probably do not have the time to be reading through streams of text (you probably have a house and belongings that need saving!) so here are the main things to do when your house is flooded in bullets points: Don’t mess about with electricity, stay away from sockets and keep children well out of flooded the area and any electrics Take photos, this could be priceless when filling out your insurance claim Save whatever items... Read More