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Blueair 405 Air Purifier wins Independent Best in Test Award for the second time.

Swedish Blueair is once again recognized for its pioneering air purification technology, HEPASilent™, which delivers more clean air at a faster rate, at lower noise levels and with less energy consumption. Among 15 different brands tested, Blueair Classic 405 has a “superior air purification capacity” according to independent test institute Testfakta Research. “Best in test is the Blueair Classic 405, which by far has the greatest cleaning capacity on low noise levels (under 37dB) and the best result on max power for pollen”, said Carl-Magnus Brandberg, Managing Director of Testfakta Research.... Read More


Blueair Air Purifiers listed as ‘One of the 10 Coolest Things in the World’ by GQ magazine.

It’s always nice when recognition comes from an unexpected source, and this week one of our most popular brands received just such a surprise when GQ Magazine named their classy air purifiers among the ‘Ten coolest things in the world this week’. The manufacturer in question was Swedish Maestro Blueair, who in our eyes produce some of the best Hepa air purifiers in the world, so great work guys, you deserve it! Click here to see the article in GQ or Click here to view all Blueair purifiers on our... Read More

Dyson air purifier 06/04/2016

Dyson Pure Cool Review – A stunning looking air purifier but how does it compare?

Dyson Pure Cool – Fabulous air purifier, clever marketing or a bit of both? Dyson have made a move into the air purification market with their new Pure Cool range of air purifiers. On the face of things the two models, the Pure Cool Link Stand and Pure Cool Link Tower seem to have all the bases covered. They employ Hepa filters to remove airborne pollutants and they also have a layer of carbon to remove odours and VOC’s ( volatile organic compounds ). They also have the ability to... Read More

blueair air purifiers and air quality sensors 24/03/2015

New smartphone app set to revolutionise the way we identify and deal with health hazards in our indoor air.

The following press release from Blueair, one of the world’s most  trusted specialist air purifier manufacturers, has got us all excited. They have just launched a new smartphone app which enables the user to remotely see what hazards are lurking in their indoor air at home or in the office, and even more impressive is the ability to then use the app to send a signal to a wifi enabled air purifier to remotely get on and deal with the problem. Currently only available in the US the new technology... Read More

Grill on new Blueair Blue 24/09/2014

Blue – The funky new air purifier from Blueair

  Blueair gave the team at their new Blue division a free reign to design a totally new, unique and fresh range of purifiers which will appeal to a younger more fashion conscious buyer. The result was the quirky new ‘Pure 211’ which was showcased at the recent IFA Trade fair in Berlin. The first thing you notice is the large rounded edges and the ornately perforated grill on the top of the unit.   A machine of two halves The Pure 211 is also very clever: The whole top... Read More

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Five things Blueair air purifiers do better than most.

If you are considering investing in an air purifier and have done some research online, you will no doubt have been surprised ( and perhaps confused ) by the sheer amount of information available on the subject of air quality in the home or office and just exactly which type of purifier you should choose. You can buy a semi decent unit for around £50.00 to  £150.00 from the likes of Argos or John Lewis and as long as your room is fairly small and you do not have a serious... Read More


Stunning new Blueair air purifiers are a hit at the IFA technology event in Berlin.

The IFA trade fair in Berlin is Europe’s largest and most important event for showcasing the latest innovations in technology. We went there to see what new products will be making their way to the UK later this year in the world of allergy prevention and air purification and we were not disappointed! Three stunning new Blueair air purifiers set to hit the UK Blueair , the Swedish manufacturers of the world’s most decorated and advanced Hepa air purifiers continue to dominate this field.  They continue to invest heavily in... Read More


Top 10 tips for avoiding exposure to pollen.

Top 10 tips for avoiding pollen. This weeks calls to our Breathing Space offices would suggest that the dreaded Hayfever season may be upon us sooner than we expected. Here is our top ten list of how best to avoid exposure to pollen. Indoor Tips 1. Keep outside doors and windows closed as much as possible. 2. Dry any bedding or clothing in the tumble dryer – not on the washing line. 3. Cats and dogs can carry pollen on their fur, so keep them out of your bedroom! 4.... Read More

Lotus P150 Chromotherapy air purifier 04/02/2014

Airfree’s new air purifier the Lotus P150 is a colourful character!

Airfree, the manufacturers of the world’s safest and most tested air purifiers, have long been the forerunners of specialist air purification for the home or office. Apart from cleaning the air to a higher degree than any other air purifier we have, they have always stood out because of their unique designs. Airfree do not believe in producing bland box shaped air purifiers, they always push the boat out, and why not. Let’s face it, if you have a technology that is so much better than most of your competition... Read More