How to choose an air purifier for Asthma relief.

In an earlier post back in 2014 we discussed different ways to reduce allergens throughout the home, with or without the use of air purifiers. However, in this post we are focusing on air purifiers specifically, and more importantly, which type you should consider if you suffer from Asthma. There are two main types of purifier commonly used for alleviating Asthma symptoms, firstly there are ‘Air Sterilisers’ like the popular Airfree brand, and then there are more commonly known ‘Hepa Filter’ air purifiers, which come in all shapes and sizes.... Read More

Stop Dust Mites 18/03/2015

Dust Mites and Asthma – What can you do to alleviate the symptoms.

What are Dust Mites? Dust mites are tiny little bugs that are are so small you cannot see them with the naked eye. The fact is every home has these, no matter how clean you think your home is, the dust mites are lurking (sorry!)  These critters survive by feeding on human skin flakes and mould spores and are commonly found in our pillows, mattresses, furniture, carpets and believe it or not even in stuffed toys and our other fabric covered belongings. What is the link between Dust Mites and... Read More