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How to choose an air purifier for Asthma relief.

In an earlier post back in 2014 we discussed different ways to reduce allergens throughout the home, with or without the use of air purifiers. However, in this post we are focusing on air purifiers specifically, and more importantly, which type you should consider if you suffer from Asthma. There are two main types of purifier commonly used for alleviating Asthma symptoms, firstly there are ‘Air Sterilisers’ like the popular Airfree brand, and then there are more commonly known ‘Hepa Filter’ air purifiers, which come in all shapes and sizes.... Read More

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Five things Blueair air purifiers do better than most.

If you are considering investing in an air purifier and have done some research online, you will no doubt have been surprised ( and perhaps confused ) by the sheer amount of information available on the subject of air quality in the home or office and just exactly which type of purifier you should choose. You can buy a semi decent unit for around £50.00 to  £150.00 from the likes of Argos or John Lewis and as long as your room is fairly small and you do not have a serious... Read More


PM2.5 Air Pollution, Particles & Air Purifiers.

The unrelenting demand for air purifiers which can cope with the PM2.5 particle size range may still be driven primarily by the serious air pollution in China, however the effects are being felt throughout the whole of Europe as air purifier manufacturers struggle to keep up with the demand from Chinese consumers eager to purchase high quality air purifiers from the UK and have them urgently shipped over. In Beijing for instance the primary pollution sources include exhaust emission from more than five million motor vehicles, coupled with coal burning... Read More