The new Bionaire BAP600 room air purifier – Proven allergy relief without the cost of replacement filters.

One of the biggest headaches of owning a filter air purifier these days is the cost of replacing the HEPA filter every six months or so when it becomes clogged with allergens and other airborne pollution. Over the years we have seen some air purifiers for which the replacement filters actually cost more than the original machine itself! This is not so common nowadays, but it still pays to check the ongoing replacement filter costs before jumping in with both feet and buying what may seem like a great deal to begin with.

Bionaire introduce the BAP600 Air Purifier with it’s patented ‘Lifetime’ Hepa Filter.
Bionaire have turned the above scenario on its head with their new BAP600 allergy relief air purifier  which incorporates their patented Cleanable Hepa Filter. Now allergy sufferers can enjoy really clean air in their home without the ongoing expense associated with constant filter replacement. Our first thought was that the filter itself must be less effective than comparable ‘disposable’ filters, but that is not the case at all. The filter inside the BAP600 purifier actually traps over 99% of airborne particles right down to 0.3 microns in size. Let’s put that in perspective for a moment, a human hair strand is about 100 microns in diameter, so this cleanable filter still traps all the really tiny nasty air pollution and allergens that we hate so much and yet it can be simply hoovered out and reused again and again. So that’s a win win situation all round then.

Complete with the British Allergy Seal of Approval and New for Old Replacement.
Although the British Allergy Seal of Approval is by no means the only mark of a good air purifier (see an explanation here), it is still a good indication that the product you are buying has at least been tested and approved as fit for the purpose of allergen removal. The Bionaire BAP600 does indeed meet with the seal of approval and also comes with a full two year warranty for peace of mind. Breathing Space customers also enjoy the added benefit of receiving a new for old warranty with every Bionaire air purifier purchased.

Our summary
The BAP600 looks totally different to most other run of the mill air purifiers out there. We affectionately refer to it as the ‘egg’ in and around our office here, and one look at its oval shape will render further explanation  unnecessary! Most importantly though regardless of it’s good looks the main point is that it will purify the air in your room to a very high degree, using minimal electricity and with very low noise levels, oh and don’t forget – with no replacement filter costs. What’s not to like.

One important point of note however, we would suggest using it in rooms no bigger than around twenty square metres to get the best out of it. The manufacturer states the BAP600 will purify air in rooms up to forty two square metres. However, in a room of that size the unit will only provide around one complete air change per hour  (1 ACPH). In plain speaking that means used in a room with an area of forty two square metres the unit will take one whole hour to fully purify the air just once. In our opinion, one air change per hour is not frequent enough for any purifier to actually be of real benefit to an allergy sufferer.  This is because new allergens are arriving all the time, and therefore the air purifier you choose should be powerful enough to at least be filtering the air two times an hour if not more. That said however, if used in a medium size room up to twenty square metres or so you will be hard pushed to find a better budget air purifier than the Bionaire BAP600.

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