Top 10 tips for avoiding exposure to pollen.

Top 10 tips for avoiding pollen.

This weeks calls to our Breathing Space offices would suggest that the dreaded Hayfever season may be upon us sooner than we expected.
Here is our top ten list of how best to avoid exposure to pollen.

Indoor Tips
1. Keep outside doors and windows closed as much as possible.
2. Dry any bedding or clothing in the tumble dryer – not on the washing line.
3. Cats and dogs can carry pollen on their fur, so keep them out of your bedroom!
4. Using a good air purifier with a Hepa filter capable of filtering to 0.1 microns and a high CADR rating can help greatly. ( Click here for further help )

Of course when you simply have to be outside, there are other ways you can minimise your exposure too.

Outdoor Tips
5. Pollen is at it’s worst in the early morning, so try to avoid going out first thing.
6. Wear a face mask when mowing the lawn
7. Wearing sunglasses can help reduce your eyes’ exposure to pollen
8. Keep your car windows closed and use the air conditioning (if you have it!)
9. Take a shower and wash your hair when you get home
10. Change into fresh clothes after showering

We hope that helps a little for you, but as always, we at Breathing Space do love to talk to our customers so please pick up the phone and give us a call on 01207 507444 if you would like any further advice on coping with allergies.

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