How noisy is our equipment?

We regularly get asked how loud our air purifiers, dehumidifiers or air conditioners are. Noise is subjective, and what is annoying to one person may be nothing more than a welcome 'background noise' to another. To help you understand just exactly how loud our equipment is we have pout together this handy table below which explains decibel noise levels in real terms and not just in 'Geek Speak'!

Sound Advice....

So how does that compare to our equipment?

Air Purifiers  32 - 66 decibels
Refrigerant Dehumidifiers 33 - 44 Decibels
Desiccant Dehumidifiers  36 - 43 Decibels
Portable Air Conditioners 40 - 59 Decibels
Wall Mounted Air Conditioners  24 - 46 Decibels