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Derek Woodbridge

Excellent Service

I have just received my replacement air purifier and I would like to say a very big thank you for being so quick and efficient. From your company to DPD delivery company one word excellent. Regards Derek and Maureen Woodbridge
Lorraine Croggon

Airfree P40

I can’t thank David enough for his help and advice. I emailed him in the morning explaining that my daughter was in very damp university accommodation, she had just recovered from one infection and was coming down with another. He gave me wonderful advice which resulted in me placing an order that afternoon. I emailed David to thank him and tell him I had placed an order, he very kindly arranged for it to be sent out that day - incredible customer service.Within 24 hrs my daughter described the air in her room as “amazing” A week on and she has no signs of further infection, is sleeping better and generally feeling better. She is doing a performing arts degree so it really was important we sorted it as a quickly as possible and with David’s help we were able to. A fantastic product from a wonderful company. Thank you so much.

Winix U300 Air Purifier

Just an absolutely amazing piece of kit, worth every penny i spent on it and i wouldn't want to be without it. i recommended it to a friend who has just ordered one. i know he wont regret it


I bought a Roger Little to remove the stale tobacco smoke and other fumes coming through from my neighbour.I have been able to sleep again in the safe knowledge that the air will remain "clean" . The lady on customer service, who gave me information which helped me to decide which filter was the best for my needs was great. No pressure and she gave me time to research before finally placing my order. The filter was delivered within 24 hours. Amazing service and product. Thankyou
Janet Galbraith

Winix air purifiers

I have recently bought 2 Winix air purifiers and am very happy with my purchase and the excellent advice and service provided by Breathing Space. I would recommend this company for courtesy, patient detailed and impartial advice and swift delivery. The whole process was very smooth and the products are excellent. Very highly recommended!
Mrs Yvonne Mitchell

The best customer service!

I was blown away when I called customer services. David answered my call and answered all the questions I had about an air purifier I was thinking of buying but was unsure if the one I was thinking about would be the most suitable. David explained about the carbon filter and the hepa filter and as I was having an issue with fumes from new furniture/carpets etc I felt reassured I was buying the right product for the job. My product arrived the next day! Very helpful and very friendly customer service, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Smokestop Filters

These filters are remarkably effective.I live in a small apartment with an open-plan kitchen, and I'm a heavy smoker — and I can’t open the windows because of the traffic noise. The Smokestop filters give me clean air to breath, to my delight and to the delight of my visitors.Also, BreathingSpace customer service is always prompt and unfailingly helpful. They are good people to deal with.If tobacco smoke, cooking fumes and the like are a problem for you then I heartily recommend any device from BreathingSpace that uses these filters.

203 Smokestop

Having given up smoking 10 years ago and with a diagnosis of COPD I was greatly distressed when a new downstairs neighbour's cigarette smoke began leaking from their flat into my first floor flat. This air purifier is absolutely fantastic for cleaning the air to about 99% clear of the smell of cigarettes in about an hour on full power, though I haven't actually timed it. The cigarette pollution is intermittent, and I also have occasional unpleasant cooking smells, all mostly through the bathroom plumbing. I have the unit on the lowest setting for long periods without any noise disturbance, the 'whisper' is literal, and completely unintrusive in my small flat. My occasional sneezing bouts, I imagine from the toxic air residue from the cigarette pollution, have also been eliminated. I cannot recommend this unit highly enough, I am thrilled and relieved with a machine which is helping to protect my health and peace of mind in my own home, Thank you Breathing Space!

Blue Air 270e

I came across Breathing Space while searching for an air purifier, knowing little about the machines. After emailing, David was a helpful source of information both via email and on the phone. My questions were answered and I settled for a Blue Air 270e to help combat pollution from a busy road that I live on, and dust / air quality in my bedroom. I am thrilled with my purchase and relieved I can sleep safely. The first time I turned it on it smelt like I was in the countryside! If you have any questions, just get in touch with Breathing Space. They will help you out.

Bionaire BAP9240

I bought this for my elderly mum who smokes. She is absolutely delighted with it. She had visitors who also smoke and was both pleased and astonished that all the smoke was removed. There are also building works going on near her flats and she told me it has also removed residual dust too. She is now assured that come spring and summer pollen won't be an issue.. I'd like to thank Helen who was extremely helpful when I ordered it as well as contacting my mum to tell her when it would arrive. Very impressive company.