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Stuart sneddon

What an enjoyable experience

David thank you for your most helpful and honest advice no overselling just good advice that pertained to my situation. The service you give is second to none as my units arrived on time a nd in no less than a matter of miniutes the units were installed.

blueair 203

great fast service, ordered blueair 203, at 3 30pm was delivered next day by 1030am, cleans air fast on high setting, low setting great for bedroom only slight noise from fan. air quite cool that comes out of the unit. easy to use, light weight so easy to move from room to room. small draw back power lead could be a bit longer but not a great problem can use extension cable, would recommend this to other customers

Great Service

The service is swift come on time with 1 hour window.with tracking the parcel and knowing earlier when it's coming. The customer service is awesome , David on the other side is patient . The P80 I received a week ago is superb, I live in basement and its smelly sometimes, damp, especially when I switch on central heating All the smell is gone now, it's fresh , my air is cleaned, and now I can sleep peacefully . Thanks to you all By the way it's the second time I buy from them, after the P40!
Miss Annette Levine

Exemplary Service

Thank you so much for my order, your advice was greatly appreciated, the gentleman that served me was so efficient! Excellent service , ordered at about 3pm and surprisingly received order before the 3 the following day. Unit is marvellous just as recommended. So rare these days to receive such exemplary service!
Terry Wallis

Excellent Customer Service

Many thanks for your phone call advising that the product I ordered was out of stock and recommending an upgrade but with a £20.00 discount. I have received the new dehumidifier, DC12 and had a pre-check and it is beautiful. Quiet and easy to control. Many thanks to your company in not only providing excellent products but also for the excellent customer service. I have purchased from you in the past and will continue to do so if the products ever fail, which I doubt.   
Jo O'Neil

My review is about the company

my review is about the company, we have just received the purifier. I ordered the product after speaking and being advised by one of the staff ( who was lovely! ) I gave them the wrong address and phoned when it did not arrive in the time slot. Yes, on the day you are given an hour's slot, how amazing is that!!!! The receptionist, who took my call, re-arranged my delivery and would not let me pay for the postage, which l offered as it was my mistake. So it has arrived this week, in the time slot given. It is silent and l am sure it will help.Just know the company and service is brilliant!!!!!

Bionaire BAP1700 Smokestop Room Air Purifier with Air Quality Sensor

This is a great product and a great company. The air purifier works very well indeed and raises the quality of the air in the room. It is also very simple to set up and use.The company is a delight to work with. They deliver on time and are follow up any enquiries about what they sell. I am planning to buy another, smaller, unit for a bedroom and anticipate that it will be just as good.


If you are having doubts about this product forget them and buy.I have had this for a few weeks now,wish ide have got years ago i would have save a lot on decorating alone.Its Great i cant believe where all the water comes from and the rooms look a lot better and feel better,it really is the best thing ive bought for years.s.smith

Lofty rem com - amazing

I was very dubious of spending £399 on something I wasn't sure would work but I am so glad I took the gamble. I have waited a year to write this review to see if it really works. Our house has had damp/mould/mildew for the last 7 years. The ceilings would go black in upstairs rooms, the window frames would have mildew on, windows condensation and on window sills, the furniture felt dirty and clothes were coming out the wardrobe with mould on them. I didn't know what to do until I was recommended this product. The staff were very friendly and helpful, delivered fast and easy to fit, although we did get an electrician to wire it in just to be safe. Since march 2014 I haven't had to wipe a ceiling, the lounge doesn't small damp, I have no mouldy clothes, the house does feel fresher. There is a low hum which comes from the fan but you get used to it and it can make the upstairs a bit chilly as its pulling air from the loft in, but I can live with that. No more damp. Would recommend this to anyone that is fed up of mould/mildew

Bionaire air purifier

So pleased with my duel position lifetime Hepa filter air purifier. Bought it for removing dog allergens from the air as daughter seriously allergic to dog, I must say what a difference! When she is in the same room as him I put the machine on number 3 and turn it down to one when she is out. Her symptoms have improved dramatically, used in conjunction with a petal cleanse on the dog. I would recommend .