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Mr A Noon

Lofty whole house dehumidifer

I have just purchased the Lofty whole house dehumidifier. It took an hour to fit and it stopped the condensation over night. I live in a 3 bed detached bungalow, with central hall, 3 beds & bath down one side lounge dining room & kitchen on the other, We put it in the hall and it has solved the problem. Four house's on our road now have this product.10/10.
Ann McNair

Blueair 203

Excellent service from Breathing Space. The Blueair 203 has met all my expectations and more. It is extremely efficient at cleaning the air in my bedroom with the bonus of being very quiet on the low setting at night. Even on the high setting it is much quieter than the other air purifier I have in my house. The only thing that might be a down side to some customers is that the unit has to sit about 4 inches from the wall to allow for maximum efficiency. However, I would rate it as first class for doing the job of purifying the air for asthma sufferers like me.
Sue Langley

No more dust - Thank you!

Hello, just wanted to say how pleased we are with the Airfree 203 that I purchased from you. So lovely to go into the bedroom when the sun shines, and not see all the dust floating around! Thank you Sue Langley


I bought a Lofty about 3 years ago to reduce condensation in my Bungalow The difference is amazing no more condensation has made a difference to the air in all the rooms and is very cheap to run The service and help from the company is excellent
John Clayton

Airfree T40 Air Purifier

I ordered the product last week, it was delivered the next day and I've had it in the sitting room for most of the time, and after 48 hrs tried it in the bedroom. So far very happy with it, the rooms smell fresher, the device is small and stylish. I will soon order another one or two for other rooms
Christabelle Sawyer

Bionaire BAP9240 Dual Position Air Purifier

I am very pleased with the air purifier, as it definately removes traces of tobacco smoke and cooking odours from air in and around the kitchen, which gives the whole house a better environment.
Leslie Upchurch

Smokestop Filter BlueAir 200

Excellent delivery ordered mid-day, arrived the nexr day 1pm. DPD used, so was informed throughout about delivery including a 1 hr delivery time slot texted through to me that morning, which meant I was able to go out shopping in the morning. Delivery was spot on the promised time slot.
Ms Dodd

Blueair 203 Smokestop

Excellent service and product. The unit is fairly light so easy to move around,slim,stylish and very quiet on low setting.On high setting you can hear it,but it's not intrusive .I have this in my lounge and am not aware of it being there.At the moment I am leaving it on all the time on lowest setting.Does anyone know the running costs for this in the UK?. So far,I am really impressed and would definitely recommend as an efficient air purifier.

BAP9240 Small Room Air Purifier

very pleased with my BAP9240 Small Room Air Purifier. it is small enough for me to take to work and hopefully take the chemicals out of the air as I am a hairdresser. not had it long enough to be able to confirm this as it was the first day I used it at work. I have been using it at home for the last week as I have been off ill with a bad cold and sinus troubles and I think it is helping. our daughter came to visit and I would have expected her to catch this horrible virus but she doesn't seem to have so the purifier must be taking the nasty bugs out of the air.

I would recommend

So far, So good..5* Customer Service 5* DeliveryProduct: AirFree p40 purifier - Long-term suffer of breathing difficulties, Ive only had this product for a few weeks, I have noticed the difference within the 1st few days - Breathing easier at night without a stuffy nose/able to take deeper breaths - Improved sleep pattern - No Noise - Doesn't take up too much space nice and compact - No Filters! amazingI did a lot of research into the best air purifier and company to purchase from. I'm glad i found BreathingSpace and I would recommend this company-Customer Service: The phone line and live chat 'WhosOn' is great, quick response with great customer service -Delivery was good and quick. I like I was able to select which day and times I wanted it deliveredThank you BreathingSpace.