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Lofty rem com - amazing

I was very dubious of spending £399 on something I wasn't sure would work but I am so glad I took the gamble. I have waited a year to write this review to see if it really works. Our house has had damp/mould/mildew for the last 7 years. The ceilings would go black in upstairs rooms, the window frames would have mildew on, windows condensation and on window sills, the furniture felt dirty and clothes were coming out the wardrobe with mould on them. I didn't know what to do until I was recommended this product. The staff were very friendly and helpful, delivered fast and easy to fit, although we did get an electrician to wire it in just to be safe. Since march 2014 I haven't had to wipe a ceiling, the lounge doesn't small damp, I have no mouldy clothes, the house does feel fresher. There is a low hum which comes from the fan but you get used to it and it can make the upstairs a bit chilly as its pulling air from the loft in, but I can live with that. No more damp. Would recommend this to anyone that is fed up of mould/mildew

Bionaire air purifier

So pleased with my duel position lifetime Hepa filter air purifier. Bought it for removing dog allergens from the air as daughter seriously allergic to dog, I must say what a difference! When she is in the same room as him I put the machine on number 3 and turn it down to one when she is out. Her symptoms have improved dramatically, used in conjunction with a petal cleanse on the dog. I would recommend .
Renae Mecha

Ecoair Ecoair DD122 Mini

This is an excellent product. It is quiet and very efficient despite its small size. I am very happy with this purchase, and with the excellent and speedy customer service.
Michael Clarke

Ecoair DD122 mini

Cannot fault Excellent service, very good communication, even got an email on the day of delivery with a 1 hour time slot. This is how every company should be like. I hadn't heard of them before, I would definatley return to this company in the future.
Martyn Bragg


Super product, we are very pleased with the amount of water it takes out of our home, and the excellent service from breathing space, thank you.
Mr A Noon

Lofty whole house dehumidifer

I have just purchased the Lofty whole house dehumidifier. It took an hour to fit and it stopped the condensation over night. I live in a 3 bed detached bungalow, with central hall, 3 beds & bath down one side lounge dining room & kitchen on the other, We put it in the hall and it has solved the problem. Four house's on our road now have this product.10/10.
Ann McNair

Blueair 203

Excellent service from Breathing Space. The Blueair 203 has met all my expectations and more. It is extremely efficient at cleaning the air in my bedroom with the bonus of being very quiet on the low setting at night. Even on the high setting it is much quieter than the other air purifier I have in my house. The only thing that might be a down side to some customers is that the unit has to sit about 4 inches from the wall to allow for maximum efficiency. However, I would rate it as first class for doing the job of purifying the air for asthma sufferers like me.
Sue Langley

No more dust - Thank you!

Hello, just wanted to say how pleased we are with the Airfree 203 that I purchased from you. So lovely to go into the bedroom when the sun shines, and not see all the dust floating around! Thank you Sue Langley


I bought a Lofty about 3 years ago to reduce condensation in my Bungalow The difference is amazing no more condensation has made a difference to the air in all the rooms and is very cheap to run The service and help from the company is excellent
John Clayton

Airfree T40 Air Purifier

I ordered the product last week, it was delivered the next day and I've had it in the sitting room for most of the time, and after 48 hrs tried it in the bedroom. So far very happy with it, the rooms smell fresher, the device is small and stylish. I will soon order another one or two for other rooms