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BAP9240 Small Room Air Purifier

very pleased with my BAP9240 Small Room Air Purifier. it is small enough for me to take to work and hopefully take the chemicals out of the air as I am a hairdresser. not had it long enough to be able to confirm this as it was the first day I used it at work. I have been using it at home for the last week as I have been off ill with a bad cold and sinus troubles and I think it is helping. our daughter came to visit and I would have expected her to catch this horrible virus but she doesn't seem to have so the purifier must be taking the nasty bugs out of the air.

I would recommend

So far, So good..5* Customer Service 5* DeliveryProduct: AirFree p40 purifier - Long-term suffer of breathing difficulties, Ive only had this product for a few weeks, I have noticed the difference within the 1st few days - Breathing easier at night without a stuffy nose/able to take deeper breaths - Improved sleep pattern - No Noise - Doesn't take up too much space nice and compact - No Filters! amazingI did a lot of research into the best air purifier and company to purchase from. I'm glad i found BreathingSpace and I would recommend this company-Customer Service: The phone line and live chat 'WhosOn' is great, quick response with great customer service -Delivery was good and quick. I like I was able to select which day and times I wanted it deliveredThank you BreathingSpace.

Toshiba Powered KYR35 Powerful 4-in-1 Mobile Air Conditioner - Excellent

Having previously owned an Amcor branded portable air conditioner which I bought many years ago from a different company, an experience of which wasn't pleasant, the experience with Breathing Space has been fantastic. The Toshiba portable air conditioner is superb, it works, it cools efficiently, and is quieter than the Amcor PCM15KEH-410 that I had previously bought from a different company. The build quality I'd say is excellent. Despite a delivery error with DPD - where they were supposed to deliver before 12pm, Breathing Space refunded the additional delivery charge that I paid for 'delivery by 12pm'. Customer service was very helpful, I can certainly say that I will be buying from Breathing Space again should I need a similar type of product, and recommending to anyone who needs the types of products that Breathing Space has.

P40, P60

Excellent, prompt service and the units certainly seem to be making a difference to air the quality!

Airfree T40

I have bought 2 of these air purifiers now. The first one for my son's room - works so well, clean smelling air and less dust. he only wheezes now if he has been for a sleepover at his grandmas. The second for my daughter who has now stopped sniffing and being blocked up, again room smells fresher. I HIGHLY recommend this company and this product. Delivery is next working day with a text reminder of a 1 hour window (which you can change) EXCELLENT!!
Claire Sands

made a difference :) Airfree P40 Silent Room Air Purifier

The Airfree P40 Silent Room Air Purifier is worth every pennny! Daughter with Asthma & new puppy was not mixing well, all good now due to daughter having a safe & clean room to breathe in now, puppy can stay, whole house happy :) also made a big difference to pesky nighttime cough! Thank you so much, would recommend to all x
Sharon W

Excellent service

Ordered and delivered in days, very please with the service, would recommend your company to everyone.
Maureen Brereton

BlueAir 203

Breathing Space gave us a service far above any firm we have ever dealt with. The Blue Air 203 Air Purifier is amazing and a vast difference in air quality was apparent very quickly. Thank you to the staff at Breathing Space for helping us to choose the correct air purifier for our needs.
Nicola Walker

Superb Product!

Hi, I just wanted to leave some feedback: I am just returning today to buy our second air purifier from you. I was so impressed by the service last time but more importantly - the product is superb. We use the first one in my son's bedroom and he has slept much better and had no wheezing ever since (unless he stays at his Grandmas and then he comes home wheezing for 2 days). The room smells fresh also, which is amazing as for he is quite a pungent boy!!! I've also noticed he has less dust in his room when we hoover up. This next one is for my daughter's room. Thank you!!!
Neel Johnson

A good nights sleep at last.

I just wanted to write a quick, (or not so quick) note. I've recently moved from London to York. Why does this matter? Well I've never suffered hayfever in my life, (I'm 40) and about a week after the move I really started suffering, (or at least I thought it was hayfever). It would get progressively worse during the day at home and by night I would be so bad that I could barely sleep and my throat would be all constricted and I'd be wheezing like an 80 year old man who'd spent the better part of his life smoking 40 a day!! (my wife's description not mine). I'd tried alot of things and nothing was helping. I could use an inhaler to clear it for a short time but then it would return. Plus I didn't want to rely on an inhaler to enjoy our new home and sleep well. From my symptoms, (they continued even though the hayfever had gone due to the pollen levels dropping), my GP thought it was due to either mold spores or dust mites. I didn't think it was dust mites as we are sleeping in the same bed and mattress we had in London, so I suspected mold spores. So after alot of research I bought the AirFree P150. The P150 is designed for a room much bigger than our bedroom, but I didn't care. I was so desperate I WANTED overkill. When I received the Airfree, I rushed home after work and plugged it in. I was so desperate to sleep well I couldn't wait to try it out. The first night the results weren't great. I decided to read the manual at this point, and it clearly says in there that it needs 24 hours to be effective but upto 1 week for it to have a significant impact on mold spores. But the following night I was in for a pleasant surprise. Without any anti histamines or inhaler, I slept like a log, and in the morning I could breathe properly. Same again the second night. Best thing is that it's also totally silent. So whereas before I needed to have the windows open and the fan going to even have a chance at some sleep, now I was sleeping just fine in peace and quiet, (much to my wife's relief as well!!) I cannot recommend this product highly enough. I was very dubious that it would work, it just sits there not making a noise. But I'm sleeping like normal again, and that's the big thing, NORMAL. After 3 weeks of rubbish sleep, I cannot tell you how good that feels. The only thing that comes close to this is the service from Breathing Space. I placed the order before 3pm, got a notification it had been dispatched the same day and it was delivered the next day. The other nice thing is Breathing Space use DPD for deliveries, (instead of some cheaper alternatives) meaning you get a nice text message/email the day of the delivery giving you a 1 hour window when the delivery is going to take place. No waiting around all day for what you need. Amazing product matched by the service from Breathing Space. Thank you for giving me a normal nights sleep again :-)