Three of the best air purifiers for controlling Asthma

Airfree P40 @ £129.00 - The best choice for small to medium bedrooms

The Airfree P40 is the perfect choice for use in small to medium rooms, especially bedrooms as it is completely silent in use and requires no maintenance or replacement filters ever. Most importantly however, the P40 is independently proven to destroy viruses, bacteria and microorgansims to a higher degree than any other technology - Choose this model if your room is no larger than 40 cubic metres and you do not plan to move the air purifier around on a daily basis. If your room is larger than this, then there are a full range of other Airfree models for different room sizes all the way up to 150m3.

Blueair 205 @ £349.00 - Powerful, fast acting and ultra quiet.

Unlike the Airfree units above, the Blueair units utilise a Hepa filter to trap the airborne pollutants and allergens. In order to suck these particles up quickly the machine uses a powerful fan motor which gets to work within minutes of turning it on. This means it is a great option if you want to use it in the living room during the day and then perhaps move it to the bedroom at night. All Blueair units have a unique Hepasilent mode which makes them virtually silent for night time use. All Blueair units also carry a full 5 Year Warranty and have full AHAM and Energy Compliant Accreditation.


Blueair Pro L @ £1195.00 - The discerning choice for larger rooms or offices.

The Pro range of air purifiers designed by Blueair of Sweden are some of the most powerful Hepa air purifiers in the world. A Pro L will recirculate every bit of air in rooms up 75m2 once every 12 minutes removing over 99% of all airborne allergens in the process. The optional air intelligence module provides fully automatic operation whereby the air purifier detects airborne pollution and adjusts its own fan speed up or down accordingly. Choose this if you have a larger room or office and want the quickest possible route to ultra clean air.     

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