Leitz Trusens Z1000 @ £139.00 - Best Value For Smaller Rooms

The Leitz Z1000 is streaks ahead of other similarly priced small units when it comes to removing pet allergens. Not only is it super quiet, but more importantly it is also powerful enough to filter the air five times an hour in rooms up to 13m2. It has a really convenient carry handle, and the DuPont True Hepa filter only needs replacing around once every 12-15 months at a cost of £18.95.  

Blueair 205 Classic @ £359.00 - Best choice for medium size rooms.

The Blueair 205 Classic is one of the world's quietest and most powerful mid size air purifiers for rooms up to 26 square metres. Made from powder coated steel and with a full 5 year warranty the 205 is built to work hard. Blueair's trademark Hepasilent technology ensures the 205 is just as at home in a quiet bedroom as it is in a busy living area.  

Blueair Pro M @ £699.00 - An amazingly compact professional grade air purifier for larger rooms.

The Pro range from Blueair offer the ultimate air cleaning efficiency, coupled with neat compact design.
This model provides five air changes an our in rooms up to 36 square metres, and has an optional carbon filter for removing pet odours too.