What is Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)?

Considered to be a 21st century disease, chemical sensitivity is a chronic condition where the body reacts badly when exposed to a variety of chemicals.

Every day we are exposed to literally thousands and thousands of chemicals, in the air around us, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the products we put on our skin. These chemicals enter our bodies as we breathe, digest or absorb them through our skin and once in the body they have to be broken down into nontoxic substances. Chemical sensitivity occurs when someone’s body cannot break down the chemicals as quickly as it’s being exposed to them.

The condition is sometimes referred to as MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity as those who suffer from it often find themselves reacting badly to a range of different chemicals such as the fumes from paints, carpets, MDF, paint stripper, glue, and even things like nail polish remover and moisturiser. Many of those who suffer from this condition are already allergy sufferers or have conditions such as asthma or eczema.

The effects of chemical sensitivity can vary but some of the most common symptoms include intense tiredness, difficulties in focusing, coordination issues, headaches, skin rashes, flushing and burning feeling, asthma, and general body pains.

Managing exposure to chemicals.
It is very difficult for us to avoid exposure to these pollutants when we are out and about because they are all around us in our everyday environment. VOC's stem from things we come into contact with as soon as we step outside our front doors, such as traffic pollution, Industrial Processes and pesticides etc. However, we can definitely take much greater control over the quality of the air we breathe whilst we are inside our own homes. VOC's and other airborne chemicals and pollutants can be drastically reduced by using an air purifier with the correct type of filter inside.

It is worth bearing in mind however that although there are many different air purifiers on the market nowadays, not all of them actually contain the correct type of filters to be of genuine use to an MCS sufferer (some of them can actually make your symptoms worse by virtue of the fact that they increase (!) VOC levels by themselves giving off plastic fumes). 

So, make sure you choose one that is specifically designed to deal with the removal of chemicals from the air. Our range of specially selected Air Purifiers for Chemical Sensitivity are built from high quality materials that do not give off chemicals and also contain specially treated carbon which removes airborne chemicals and VOC's. Click here to view our specially selected air purifiers for dealing with VOC's

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