What is the best air purifier for getting rid of tobacco smoke?

You should choose a hepa type air purifier, but it MUST also have a carbon filter.

Carbon is the only thing that will adsorb the smell of the tobacco. As a general rule the more carbon in the filter the better the tobacco smoke removal.
If you want genuinely unbeatable tobacco smoke removal, then the BlueAir Smokestop models are the ultimate machine. The Blueair smokestop has almost a Kilo of carbon in the filter - vastly more than any other compact unit we have and when added to the Hepasilent Technology and superior CADR ( clean air delivery rates ) they deliver, it is easy to see why Blueair are often regarded as the best Hepa air purifiers money can buy.

As a less expensive alternative for smaller rooms also consider the stylish Stadler Form Roger Little as an excellent option. To view the whole range of suitable alternatives visit our Air Purifiers For Smoke and Odour removal section.