Why Choose Airfree?


Why choose an Airfree over normal Hepa filter purifiers?

Well there are many reasons, but probably the main one is the fact that Airfree is the only truly independently verified unit which actually destroys over 99% of all micro-organisms. Including Viruses, Mould Spores, Bacteria and Organic odours.
No Filters to Replace
1. There are NO FILTERS to change. Airfee totally destroys all contaminants leaving behind no residue.Hepa air cleaners only catch the contamination. If the hepa filter is not changed on time the collected pollutants ( now super concentrated ) begin to work loose and re-enter your air space. Remember, a HEPA filter only captures contaminants. Airfree destroys them.
2. The filters employed in other air cleaners frequently employ fibreglass, triclosan paper and materials that can be harmful to the consumer or the environment.
No Ozone No Ions
Airfree does not emit ozone (considered an asthma trigger by the Amercian EPA). It does not employ any technology which generates any type of dangerous emission, no Ionizer, no UV Light and no Ozone Generator. In fact Swedish independent tests show Airfree to actually reduce ozone by 26%.
Totally Silent
Airfree is totally silent. Completely noiseless. Place your hand over the top of the unit , if you feel a slight warmth , the machine is working!
Other air purifiers require powerful fans to draw the air through the very dense HEPA filters or across the electrostatic plates employed in electrostatic or 'plasma' units. This noise can become a distraction particularly if the unit is being used in a bedroom or a relaxed environment.


Costs less than a light bulb to run
Unlike Hepa air purifiers, many of which require lots of power to suck air through the dense filters, an Airfree costs less than a lightbulb to run. So not only are there no replacement filter costs, the running costs are fairly negligible too.
As the UK's number one Airfree retailer we promise you the following:We are the only UK retailer to stock the whole Airfree range, from the entry level T40's to the fabulously extravagant Airfree Lotus 150 colour changing air purifier. Our products are always in stock for immediate delivery. Our product knowledge is also extensive , and we do enjoy talking with our customers, so why not call us up and just ask the questions
New for Old Replacement at any time within Two Years of Purchase.
If for any reason your Airfree fails under warranty within the first two years of purchase, we will replace it with a brand new machine free of charge within 24 hours*. 
Price Promise
As the UK's original Airfree Air Purifier stockists  we guarantee we will never be knowingly undersold. Buy Airfree directly from Breathing Space with the confidence that in the unlikely event you happen to find your purifier advertised for less anywhere in the UK we will immediately refund the difference to you.
*Whilst still under the 2 year warranty period. 24hr replacement service excludes Saturday and Sundays.