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No hassle in your castle!
Blue Pure 221 cleans the entire volume of air in rooms up to 57 m² (620 ft²) completely five times per hour, and keeps it perfectly clean. If your room is smaller, the air gets cleaned even faster and more often. Running the unit 24/7 uses as little energy as a light bulb. Since all material is fully recyclable, you could argue that Blue Pure is in fact green!

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Blue by Blueair - The easy-going air purifier.
The all-new Blue Pure family is designed to be a convenient shortcut to breathing perfectly clean indoor air. Just place your air purifier anywhere, plug it in, and let it remove particles and contaminants. The 221 has the largest filter area of any mobile air purifier which catches virtually every airborne contaminant down to a virus in size. The entire bottom half of the Blue Pure consists of an advanced, recyclable filter trapping pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, allergens and bacteria – and 99% of all PM2.5 particles. The large amount of active carbon pellets inside the filter also ensure it effectively eliminates smoke, odors, gases and VOCs for a very long time.

Blue has a huge Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 350.
This number means that the Blue Pure 221 removes smoke, dust and pollen from your room air at the rate of 350 cubic feet per minute or 590 m3/h.* That’s faster and more efficiently than any other room air purifier. How is that possible? The secret lies in Blue technology that combines mechanical and electrostatic filtration with a powerful energy-efficient fan. So Blue captures more airborne particles that are smaller in size, faster than almost all other air purifiers.

Unique 360 degree Air intake.
Thanks to its unique 360° air intake, Blue draws dirty air into the filter from all four sides. This makes it fully efficient wherever you place it. Along with boasting the biggest fan in its class, the 221 also has the largest filter area too with a massive 47 ft² of material neatly packed in to the entire bottom half of the machine.

Color your world and take care of it too.
Color me blue. Or pink. Or yellow. Or go oh-so-subtle dark grey. Choose a Blue personality to liven up a room with color, or blend in effortlessly into any décor or living environment. But don’t let good looks fool you. These stylish fabric covers function as pre-filters,
trapping large airborne contaminants. Plus they’re washable and easy to clean. Just gently vacuum it or put it in your washing machine when it requires cleaning. If you prefer the look of the stunning high-quality steel mesh, you can of course use your Blue Pure 221 without any pre-filter. The Pure 221 arrives as standard with two different coloured pre-filters, namely Diva Blue and Dark Shadow. Lunar Rock and Crystal Pink can be ordered separately here.

Green Credentials -Take care of our world.
Energy-efficient Blue uses no more electricity than a light bulb. It’s completely recyclable, too. At the end of its useful life, the main filter goes to plastic recycling so it can be made into something new. The same is true of the top portion of the unit, which goes to electronics recycling.

Blue runs all night to make sure the air you breathe is clean.
Its hushed operation is so quiet you may not even know it's there. Set Blue to low speed before you sleep and after 15 seconds, the blue diode lights indicating highly efficient operation dim to a soft glow. Blue sound levels vary from 31 to 56 dB(A) depending on the operating speed and he doesn’t need to be told to be quiet, he just keeps working, never making more noise than a soft whisper.

No-hassle maintenance and one touch control
Make sure you always breathe the purest possible air. When it’s time to change the filter, the Blue indicator light turns red. Simply click the side buttons to lift off the top, then put the top onto the new filter until it clicks. Done! Just plug it in and turn it on. With one touch, you automatically set Blue to the recommended energy-efficiency operating speed. Then let him run 24/7 to provide you and yours with clean air. Touch it again for medium speed. And again for high speed for high pollution or high pollen days. Time to turn it off? Just touch the button again. Just seven seconds after changing speed, the indicator light fades automatically. It lights again instantly when you touch the button.

Buy Blue with free next day delivery directly from Breathing Space by adding him to your basket, or if you would like more details and would prefer to talk to a human,why not give us a call, we love to talk! Our telephone number is 01207 507444.

Product characteristics
•    5 air exchanges an hour in a 50 m2 room (CADR: Smoke/Dust/Pollen 590 m3/h or 350 cfm)
•    Suitable for spacious living areas
•    One-button control for three fan speeds
•    Unique Blueair filter with 4.4 m2 of surface area
•    World-leading Blueair filter technology
•    Energy efficient (30 - 61W)
•    Quiet (31 - 56 dBA)
•    Filter replacement indicator
•    Easy to use and maintain
•    Third-party tested by AHAM and Energy Star
•    Optional fabric pre-filters in five different colors¹

Certified Ozone Free

¹ Comes with 1 x Diva Blue and 1 x Dark Shadow Fabric. Lunar Rock and Crystal Pink are available separately here. 

Room Size: 50m² (AHAM)*
CADR: 590m³/hr**
Filter Efficiency (Microns) >0.1
Size (HxWxD): 52 x 33 x 33cm
Weight: 8.3 kg
Energy consumption (watts): 30-61
Noise level dB(A): 31-56
Fan Speeds: 3
Air outlet: Top
Air inlet: All Sides
Warranty (Years ): 2 

Ozone Free: Yes
Automatic Operation: No
Wi-Fi: No
Timer: No
Carbon (Type): Yes/Sheet***
Filter Change Indicator: Yes

AHAM certified room size is the size of room in which the air purifier can provide a full five air changes per hour. Therefore refreshing all of the air in the room through its filters once every twelve minutes.This is more relevant than 'maximum' room size which does not reflect an air purifiers genuine effective capability. Always be sure to only use the 'AHAM certified' room size for true comparison purposes.

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate and is an actual measurement of the amount of filtered air provided by the machine.This is the only true way to compare like for like between air purifiers when assessing how powerful they are. CADR is not the same as air volume which will always appear higher due to the fact that it is only a measurement of the units fan power (with no filter Installed).

***Carbon Filters
Carbon filters remove chemical fumes including VOC's, traffic combustion gases, pet odours, tobacco smoke and many more gaseous pollutants.However not all carbon filters are the same. Basic carbon 'sheet' filters are generally lightweight and have little capacity to adsorb these pollutants effectively. On the other hand filters containing actual carbon 'granules' are infinitely more effective and should always be chosen over carbon sheets where the most effective gaseous pollutant removal is required.

Due to continuous development and improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification of the product or its performance,or the contents of the guide, without notice.

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Review Summary - 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.
  • Product
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  • Review Date - 24th December 2019
  • Product Reviewing? - Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier (221)
  • Would you recommend this product? - Yes
  • Business or Personal Use? - Personal
  • Business Size (if applicable) - 1-5
  • Location - Lancashire

Great air purifier that was recommended by Breathing space for my Asthmatic mother to get rid of pet hair and dust .
We have only had it a week and my mum isn't coughing anywhere near as much ,a good thing .
Easily put together with foolproof instructions and also great for elderly blind people as the controls operate easily by a touch sensor .
Ordered at 2pm and it arrived by 4 pm the next day ,freepost by courier.
Fabulous customer service thrown in as well ....thanks for that staff at Breathing space .

December 24, 2019
Margret Hollstein
  • Product
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  • Review Date - 17th December 2019
  • Product Reviewing? - Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier (221)
  • Would you recommend this product? - Yes
  • Business or Personal Use? - Personal
  • Business Size (if applicable) - 1-5
  • Location - Glos

I am enjoying this product. Air in the house is fresher and I’m experiencing less house dust. Also as I chose the odour reduction model I am benefitting from that aspect of the product as well. The extra dust filter is a bonus and looks in keeping with the purifier. It isnt heavy at about 8kg but it is slightly awkward to lift and move about. One has to lift from the bottom and it is quite large. An older person might find this difficult. Some conveniently placed handholds would be great. All in all a marvellous item circulating 50 sq m of air 5 times an hour.

December 17, 2019
  • Product
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  • Review Date - 30th October 2019
  • Product Reviewing? - Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier (221)
  • Would you recommend this product? - Yes
  • Business or Personal Use? - Personal
  • Business Size (if applicable) - 1-5

the best air purifier you can get on the market i have tried 2 other makes from other manufacturers but this it does what it says the smallest dust it gets trapped on 3 layers of filters

October 30, 2019
  • Product
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  • Review Date - 30th September 2019
  • Product Reviewing? - Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier (221)
  • Would you recommend this product? - Yes
  • Business or Personal Use? - Business
  • Business Name (if applicable) - GREENWICH STEINER SCHOOL
  • Business Size (if applicable) - 21-50
  • Location - London

Like breathing a breath of fresh air.

September 30, 2019
Showing 4 of our total 14 reviews, with an average rating of 5 stars. Read all 14 reviews for Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier
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