Family Run Business for 29 Years

Family Values Since 1994

Breathing Space was founded in 1994 and is still to this day a family business deeply rooted with good old fashioned values. The last 26 years have seen such huge leaps in technology, we literally have the worlds storefront at our finger tips with the advent of Internet shopping and huge online market places like Amazon and Ebay. Whilst this is obviously a great evolution in many ways, it has also had the (some might say) negative effect in that nowadays human contact is all but lost in the buying process, and we think that is a shame.

Choose wisely, with our help.
We like to think that we are keeping the human element alive and well despite the digital revolution. Choosing the correct air purifier for instance has become an increasingly complex process due to information overload. There are now so many 'experts' at your fingertips that what started out as a simple search can end up with you trawling the internet for days and becoming increasingly confused with the hundreds of variations and contradicting information. We have tried to simplify your options with our helpful guides that you can read here, but we would be even happier to hear from you in person, so if you have a problem and think we can help why not pick up the phone and give us a call, we really do like to talk to our customers!

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