Help! I am allergic to my pet.

Pet dander from Cats, Dogs and Birds can be a real nuisance.  A decent air purifier can filter out over 99% of these pet dander allergens and make the air in the room virtually allergen free. You obviously do not want to get rid of your pet, so investing in a powerful purifier capable of recirculating the air as quickly as possible is the next best thing!

Purifiers with cleanable Hepa filters can be a wise choice for Bird Dander
Of course the trouble with bird dander in particular is that it is a very large particle and therefore clogs up the filter in most machines very quickly. Replacement Hepa filters can be fairly expensive and for that reason, when dealing with pet dander it is wise to opt for an air purifier with a 'Lifetime Hepa'. Lifetime Hepa filters are unique in that they can be gently hoovered out and used again and again saving you a fortune in replacement costs over the years.

All the air purifiers in our Air Purifiers for Pet Dander section have been carefully preselected and encompass all the requirements that make an effective pet dander air purifier.

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