Three of the best air purifiers for removing tobacco smoke

205 Smokestop - A solid choice for small to medium rooms up to 26m²

The 205 Smokestop is our most popular, specialist tobacco smoke removing air purifier providing floor to ceiling air purification  for small to medium rooms rooms up to 26m². With almost a full kilo of carbon in its filter and the highest CADR ( Clean air delivery rate ) in its class, the 205 is around 100 times more effective at removing tobacco smoke odour than many much higher priced machines found on the High Street. A really solid choice if you want genuine ability, coupled with virtually silent operation. Great for living room or bedroom, or both!          

480i Smokestop - Fully automatic operation for larger rooms up to 40m²

The 480i Smokestop is the 205's smarter big brother. It utilises the same specialist carbon and high end components to ensure excellent smoke and odour clearance in larger rooms up to 40m² and adds ultra sensitive electronic air quality sensors into the mix. This model senses harmful odours, chemicals and particles in the room and automatically adjusts its own fan speed to deal with them.  It can also send real time air quality information direct to your phone or tablet! 

Blueair Pro XL Smokestop - The world's most powerful stand alone air purifier.

This is truly the big daddy of air purifiers. You will need a fairly large wallet to get one of these, but in return you will get genuinely unmatched tobacco smoke removal in open plan areas up to 110m2. The Pro XL Smokestop has the highest CADR ( Clean Air Delivery Rate ) ever recorded on a stand alone air purifier, and yet is still whisper quiet. The Pro range can accept Blueair's optional Carbon+ filters which provide even greater adsorption than standard carbon for the safe removal of even the heaviest gaseous pollutants.