Airfree P80 Silent Room Air Purifier

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For rooms up to 80m³. Offers unbeatable home protection against Allergens, Virus and Bacteria. Totally silent and the most effective units we have for Asthma sufferers and anyone with respirable difficulties and allergies.

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Say goodbye to Mould - Virus - Bacteria - Pollen - Dust Mites - Organic Odours - Ozone - Pet Dander

Airfree's unique anti-virus patented technology has been tested independently in 'real life' working environments by world renowned institutions and laboratories in six different countries including the USA, Sweden, Germany and Portugal. These tests prove that Airfree totally destroys up to 99.99% of micro-organisms that pass through its patented ceramic core - no matter how small or hazardous they might be.

Why is Airfree technology considered 'safer' than conventional air purifier methods such as HEPA filters and Electronic Plasma type air cleaners?

No Filters
There are NO FILTERS to change. Airfee totally destroys all contaminants leaving behind no residue. Hepa air cleaners only catch the contamination. If the hepa filter is not changed on time the collected pollutants ( now super concentrated ) begin to work loose and re-enter your air space. Remember, a HEPA filter only captures contaminants. Airfree destroys them.

Ozone & Ion free
Airfree air purifiers do not emit ozone (considered an asthma trigger by the Amercian EPA). Neither do they employ any technology which generates any type of dangerous emission. No Ionizer, no UV Light and no Ozone Generator. In fact Swedish independent tests show Airfree to actually reduce ozone by up to 26%.

Totally Silent.
Airfree is totally silent. Other air purifiers require powerful fans to draw the air through dense HEPA filters or across electrostatic plates. This noise can become a distraction particularly if the unit is being used in a bedroom or a relaxed environment.

Small and Portable.
The Airfree P80 is lightweight and easily transported, although for best results the unit should be left on in one room all the time.

Will one unit be powerful enough for my room?
One Airfree P80 is powerful enough to purify the air in rooms right up to 300 ft² If your room is larger than this then you may need the P125 or ultimately the top of the range P150 which covers rooms right up to 600ft². 

How does Airfree work?
Airfree is the only technology that destroys allergens, mold spores, mildew, dust mite allergens, viruses, bacteria and pet dander. It works by drawing air into its patented incineration chamber where up to 99.99% of micro-organisms are incinerated. Poisonous gases like ozone are also destroyed.

See how it works.
Actions speak louder than words, so why not take a moment to view the videos on the left which give quick insight into the workings of an Airfree, the Strawberry test is a fabulous way of proving the Airfree's unbeatable mould reduction capability too. 

How much does it cost to run?
Very Little. Remember, there are no expensive hepa filters or UV Bulbs to replace in Airfree. Airfree has none of those ongoing costs and is designed to operate 24/7 whilst consuming less electricity than a 50w light bulb.

Anti Stress Light
As well as being silent, the Airfree P80 has an exclusive dimmer controlled anti-stress light which is ideal as a night light or can be turned off.

How can I be sure that it really works?
Airfree is the only air purifier manufacturer to offer copies of independent tests, assuring outstanding efficiency in drastically reducing airborne bacteria, moulds and viruses. On top of this there are dozens of testimonials from delighted users - this we believe to be the strongest indication of just how good the Airfree units are. View Independent Scientific Test Reports

Unique New for Old Warranty.
Every Airfree air purifier purchased directly from Breathing Space comes with our unique New for Old Warranty. In the unlikely event that your air purifier should fail at any point within the first two years of use, we will replace it with a brand new machine rather than carry out a repair. 

So, before you buy your next air cleaner, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Does the manufacturer have independent tests to prove their claims?
2. Does the air purifier generate ozone? Is it safe?
3. How does it purify the air?
4. How much will it cost to run? What about hidden costs?
5. Is it noisy?
6. Is the technology clean and environmentally friendly?
7. What about size and portability?
8. How long does the warranty last and does it cover new for old?

Breathing Space are the UK's original Airfree stockists. Buy direct with the confidence that in the unlikely event you happen to find the P80 advertised for less anywhere in the UK we will immediately refund you the difference.

  • The World's Safest and Most Tested Air Purifier
  • Destroys Allergens, Viruses, Bacteria, Mould, Mildew and Microorganisms  
  • View Independent Test Reports
  • Totally Silent
  • No Filters
  • Ozone Free
  • Ion Free
  • With our unique Two Year 'New for Old' Warranty

Model: P80
Dimensions: 21cm Diameter x 25cm High
Power Consumption: 48 Watts
Room Capacity: 80 Cubic Metres
Weight: 1.48Kg
Voltage: 220-240V

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