David Watt

Age: 50
Date Joined: May 1994
Hobbies: Golf, Cycling, Football, Music.
Favourite Film: The Big Lebowski
Favourite Food: My wife's home cooking and the odd Indian curry (in that order)
Most Likely to...Answer your technical queries
Contact: David@breathingspace.co.uk

Lyn Watt

Date Joined: Nov 1998
Age: Don't even think about it.
Hobbies: Running, Cooking and Shopping! 
Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Food: Fruit and great home cooked stuff, and the occasional Indian!
Most Likely to...Answer Invoicing and Accounting Queries
Contact: Lyn@breathingspace.co.uk

Helen Gibson-Baker

Date Joined: June 2010
Age: Still young'ish
Hobbies: Horses, Dogs, Cats, Muddy Fields and Good Company
Favourite Film: Home Alone
Favourite Food: My own home cooked Sunday Dinners, and perhaps the odd garlic prawn.
Most Likely to...Answer the telephone and answer your queries.
Contact: Helen@breathingspace.co.uk

Professor Francis Johnson PHD

Date Joined: Been consulting on all matters since May 1994
Age: 82 and still working!
Hobbies:Antiques, Travelling and Language
Home Life: Shares time between the UK and Long Island NY.
Favourite Food: Italian
Most Likely to...Know the answer - to whatever the question may be!
Contact: Francis@breathingspace.co.uk

Big Stan

Date Joined: April 2009
Age: 7
Hobbies: Eating, running, swimming and carrying tennis balls.
Favourite Film: The Incredible Journey
Favourite Food: Kibble Mix and quite partial to a bit of cheese.
Most Likely to... Wag his tail at the slightest hint of attention.
Contact: Stan@breathingspace.co.uk