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Air Purifier Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Purifiers
For almost 20 years we have specialised in providing only the best quality air purifiers coupled with the best advice available. This approach has seen us help thousands of customers choose the right machine first time and avoid the pitfalls of spending good money on bad or unsuitable products.

Which Air Purifier Will Work Best For Me?
A well chosen Air Purifier will filter out everything from basic allergens to tobacco smoke , viruses and even chemical VOC's ( volatile organic compounds - ie. the glue found in many new carpets etc). However different units work better on different issues, for instance one purifier might be the best in the world for destroying virus, but be fairly ineffective against tobacco smoke. Another may offer fantastic respite for asthma sufferers, but be virtually negligent in the  removal of odours.  We answer some common questions further down to help you choose, but of course you can always just pick up the phone and ask the question if you want to get it right in double quick time!

My other half is a smoker and I am not, which type of air purifier should I choose?
You should choose a hepa type air purifier, but it MUST also have a carbon filter. Carbon is the only thing that will adsorb the smell of the tobacco. As a general rule the more carbon in the filter the better the tobacco smoke removal. Consider the Winix P150 or the Bionaire  BAP1700 Smokestop  for good machines costing well under £200. However, if you want genuinely unbeatable tobacco smoke removal, then the BlueAir Smokestop models are the ultimate machine. The Blueair smokestop has almost a Kilo of carbon in the filter - vastly more than any other unit we have and when added to the Hepasilent Technology and superior CADR ( clean air delivery rates ) they deliver, it is easy to see why Blueair are regarded as the best Hepa air purifiers money can buy.  For more detailed information visit our Air Purifiers For Smoke and Odour removal section.

I suffer from Asthma, which unit would suit me best?
Over 5.4 Million people in the UK suffer from Asthma, 1.1 million of those are children. In fact more children suffer from asthma in the UK than in any other country on the globe.
There are various particles that can trigger an asthma attack, and most of these can be filtered out quite easily with a good Hepa filter. However if you want the best possible chance of destroying ALL the allergy triggers then an Airfree air steriliser or a Blueair Hepa Purifier will be the most effective. Click here to visit our Air Purifiers for Asthma section.

I get terrible hay fever what is the main cause and can an air purifier help me?
Grass pollen is the most frequent cause of hay fever counting for no fewer than 90% of the cases in the UK. However, there are other common types like tree pollen ( from alder, hazel, birch and horse chestnut) and also weed pollen ( from plantains, mugwort and docks). The good news is that a well chosen air purifier will filter out pollen ( all types) very easily. The trick is to ensure the air purifier is powerful enough to exchange all of the air inside your room through the filters at least 4 or 5 times an hour so you need to make sure the unit you choose has a powerful fan ( to suck the pollens in) but is not too noisy, otherwise you will not want to use it!  For smaller rooms consider the BAP9240 or the BAP9240 Lifetime which has a cleanable filter. If you really want the quietest units that can give the most air changes per hour then look no further than the Blueair machines which are immensely powerful, yet are the quietest Hepa units you can buy. Incidentally, the Blueair units have the highest CADR ( clean air delivery rate ) ever recorded. You can view all of these units in our Best Air Purifier for Hayfever section.

I have a newborn baby and want the air in her room to be as clean as possible.
This is an easy one, nothing cleans the air to a higher degree than one of the  Airfree Air Purifiers. These machines do everything the other machines to in addition to destroying all virus and bacteria as well as the usual general airborne contaminants from road traffic fumes etc. This coupled with the fact that an Airfree machine is totally silent and has no ongoing filter costs make it the best choice for any childs room. Many Airfree models also come with a built in nightlight!

I'm still stuck!
Well don't be, you can either view our How to Choose your Air Purifier  guide or go straight to  View All Units , or better still, just pick up the telephone and give us a call on 01207 507444 and tell us what your specific problem is and we will have you pointed in the right direction in minutes!

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